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26 year old female
Brazilian nationality
Lives in Brazil
Seeking work as au pair
5 years of experience with child care
Have driving license
Have first aid certificate
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Hello Host Family

My name is Ingrid, I’m 26 yo and originally from São Paulo/Brazil.
I’m living in Brazil at the moment, I have been an au pair for three years already, two years living in the United States more precisely in Minnesota (very cold weather) with the same family taking care of four beautiful children. Last april I decided to become an au pair once again, but this time in the Netherlands, such an amazing country if you allow me to say. This time taking care of two children. I would advise you to take a look in my pictures and see how fun and nice experience I’ve had in those last 36 months. I am graduated as a flight attendant but I have been working with kids since 2015, because is what I love to work with and what makes me happy. I am always open to learn new things, I learn very fast, I am also very honest and open minded. I love spending time with my family,friends,boyfriend.. I am very warmth and I love to take care of the people who are next to me. I hope that I can find a nice host family, so I can have another incredible year as an au pair.
If you speak to one of my friends, members of my family or any of my host families, they will tell you for sure that my biggest quality is my warmth. Well I can tell you that is the truth. I’m crazy about life and giving love, and caring about other people, I’m a natural care giver. But I’m also very patient, organized, a loyal friend, mature, responsible, reliable and open-minded.
I’m a nature lover for sure, I love hiking, camping, outdoor activities. Yoga had changed my life in every aspect you can imagine, I feel more confident, well balanced and healthier after I started to practice two years ago. But I also love spending time by myself, reading my kindle, coloring, studying, cooking, meditating.. I have been passionate about books since when I was a child, I love absorbing every knowledge of it. I love travelling, I have travelled to twenty seven countries so far. I love to travel on my own, so I can meet new friends, get to know more about the country, cuisine and culture of each place that I go.
My first experience with children was when I was a teenager, being the oldest of three kids, I've helped my mom of taking care of my younger siblings. Before my first exchange program as an au pair, back in 2016, I volunteered at a daycare for almost a year, taking care of kids from zero months until five years old. In 2017 I finally became an au pair in Minnesota in a family of four kids. When I arrived in Minnesota my host kids ages were 18 months old, 4yo, 6yo and 7yo. My routine in the morning was basically waking up the oldest kids, getting them ready for school,packing their snacks and bringing them to school. I was also responsible for the laundry, tidying up their toys, beds, organizing their wardrobe, bringing up and collecting them from their sports and activities everyday such as: baseball, dance, gymnastics, football.. We also loved to playing together at the pool, playground, art&crafts, dance, library every tuesday and going to the zoo together once a month. I stayed with the same host family for two years, my host kids are very adorable and I really miss them.
Last year I arrived in my dutch host family where I stayed for 15 months taking care of two sweet kids a boy 18 months old and one girl 4yo. My routine was bringing them to daycare/school twice a week with the bikefiets, playing outdoor activities everyday because they love it, coloring, going for a walk or cycle, puzzles, legos, books.. They are very smart and energetic. I am still very close to them and we speak every two weeks. I am very warmth and I will love and take care of your kids as if they were mine.
My family consists on my adorable mother named Marcia, my sister Jaqueline, my younger brother João Pedro and my stepfather Cairo. We also have four pets, three dogs and one cat. My mom and I have been envolved in rescuing abandoned or mistreated animals on the last couple years. I have a few friends, only the ones that I trust and care very much.
As well as completing my studies in school, I was a flight attendant in Brazil before becoming an au pair. I started my college back in 2016 with bachelor degree in Letters/ Literature.
Well my first language is portuguese, I have a really good knowledge of spanish, I’m having the opportunity of improving my english everyday, and after I have lived in the Netherlands I have a basic knowledge of dutch as well. I also plan to learn another language in the future, maybe you could teach me a little bit more of yours.
I genuinely love children and I think it's amazing to have a chance to be close to them being part of their lives and experiencing their development .I've found it very rewarding on my last experiences being an au pair.I also believe I can contribute with nice values to the formation of the kids and their skills. And also it gives me the opportunity to live in another culture and learn from another culture.

Expected salary
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Full time
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12 month(s)
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24 month(s)
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Has driving licence
Has first-aid training
Will look after pets
Can swim
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