Au pair, Zambia
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22 year old female
Zambian nationality
Lives in Zambia
Seeking work as au pair
3 years of experience with child care
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Monday 09. May 2022
Thursday 05. May 2022
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.My name is sandra a female Zambian citizen aged 22 years . Am from the northern part of Zambia. I didnt complete my high school but would like to further my studies. I have training in first Aid, house house management. I speak English, African and a bit of other languages . I come from a family of 6: , . I currently live in Lusaka. It would really be a great opportunity and privilege for me to become part of your family, simply because I love people specially children I really do enjoy spending time taking care and interacting with them. It is not a challenge for me because of the set up here in our country, according to our culture we live with extended families, hence am obligated to care for my young siblings and nephews when my sisters are occupied with work, not only that my professional experience was acquired when I worked as a nanny for years this gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in taking care of children and getting along with them pretty awesome well doing other house chores. I am prepared and I am well aware of the fact that being like a big sister to children comes along with great responsibilities, which I know I am responsible enough, I am a people loving person, honesty and trustworthy. I am also very much aware that it will not always be just play and fun but my calm, understanding and patient personality will help me to overcome more difficult situations. I have experience taking care of the house too plus I love cleaning ; Things I love to do for kids sing songs with them, play together, put them to bed, cook and bake different amazing dishes, and feed them if needed. This experience made me realize that taking care of kids is a task that comes with a lot more, and demands certain qualities and experience in a person to be able to handle kids and make them happy. I know at times when kids tend not to listen to us when we try to protect them from anything that can harm them, but that's okay I expect that from kids and find means or ways to persuade them to listen so they are protected and well cared for. I am sure the first couple of days might not be as easy as I will be new to your family but I will do my best and put in my effort to initiate that relationship with your father as soon as possible and I am certain that I will adapt to the new tasks and daily routine quickly and become a great help to your family. I am a very focused, ambitious, hardworking, sober-minded and determined person. Living with me is really easy, am basically not demadful. I do respect that the house is yours and that I have to follow your house rules just as it has been here with my family I always follow the house rules. If something works not quite as it should, I prefer to come out honesty instead of ignoring things. I will have to look out for your family and always perform my daily routine . I am used to not seeing my family for a long time but i always keep in touch that helps, because from here am used staying with extended families who are distant from home and that has helped me to be able to live with a family far from home so I don’t think I will be home sick or give you any problems. I would love to grab this opportunity with both hands and also which I believe can be a great opportunity for me to be able to further my studies and become a Dr. I have always been passionate about this profession for I believe I will do well in this field of study and be a great help to the nation at large and save lives of people. I am a fast learner, am always ready to learn new things, new way of living and new cultures. I am eager to learn and experience your culture. I have taught myself a lot of things and a bit of basic computer rules , I am a natural talented ). Cooking is also one of my talentes , I like to read educative books, sometimes medical research and just spending great time with family and friends. I am really curious to hear all about you and your father. Am looking forward to learn a lot from your family. . I hope you like my letter and I can’t wait to hear back from you. Thank you for taking time to read my letter and kind regards, Sandra
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