Au pair, 9517 Glan, Philippines
27 year old female
Filipino nationality
Lives in 9517  Glan, Philippines
Seeking work as au pair
5 years of experience with child care
Have driving license
Have first aid certificate
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Monday 21. Sep 2015
Tuesday 21. Apr 2015
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Dear Family,

I would be happy to have an opportunity to speak with you. If you are looking for someone who is an excellent cook, baker, great in housekeeping and loves kids, then maybe I am the one you are looking for.

I am open-minded, reliable and friendly girl. I’m interested meeting new friends and explore new country. I’m very kind person. People would always tell me that I’m honest, fun and loving person. I prefer helping my mom at home. I’m very funny and outgoing person. I also enjoy visiting places that I’ve have not been to. I love reading, photography and loves dogs too.

I finished Associate- Culinary Management. My On the Job Training (OJT) is in the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao a five star hotel. I had successfully completed my Five Hundred Twenty (520) hours of training in the Kitchen Department. I really enjoyed working in the kitchen, cooking food for the guest. On my training days every day is a new learning and different experience. We are always busy in the kitchen because every morning to the evening we had a buffet service and we take orders too from the café and also we need to check the buffets in conference room. I really enjoyed working in the kitchen especially when it’s very busy because it makes me more active.

I bake cakes and cookies and I think children like baking cookies. I also want to learn some Danish food. I can prepare breakfast and dinner to them every day.

I’m pretty much confident when it comes to cleaning house because since I was a child my mom taught us to clean the house and that’s our main responsibility in the house. I can use vacuum and even washing machine I know how to use it well. My cleaning skills is good and I’m not going to say it’s fast because when you say it fast it means you’re not cleaning it properly. I think i am great in housekeeping.

Childcare Experience
My first experience of taking care of a child is when I was about 10 years old; I looked after my little niece Camyl (youngest daughter of my sister) whose 2 years old turning to 3 that time. My sister has work and she asks me if I can take care of her child. I took care of her for about 3 years. Camyl wants to play and sing but mostly she wants me to read stories, so most of the time we were reading and watching Disney movies. She likes to play outdoor too so I took her at the playground every afternoon and play with other children. I got used to children and I started to volunteer to take care and play with my nieces. My cousin’s children are close to our family they keep on visiting us in our house. I usually took care of them every summer for about three to four months. I cook for them, feed them, plays with them, storytelling and taking them to sleeps until their parents went home. My other experience is when I was college student I always volunteer for a feeding program in our town and my sister is the one who organize the program. We organize games, activities and we feed them. It is not always easy to take care children but it’s a great experience to spend time with them. I have much patience when it comes to children maybe because of my past experience babysitting.

I want to be a part of the aupair program because I want to try to live in abroad. I want to learn new culture and new language. I want to discover new things own my own. I also like children and share my culture with others. I also think being a part aupair will be a great experience for me. I love kids I’m a big fan of the European country.

I always dream to be in Europe someday and Denmark is one of the best countries in Europe. I studied about Denmark before I knew about the aupair program. I know Denmark because of their famous architectural design that’s why I get more interested in aupair.

I would be happy to have an opportunity to speak with you. If you have questions regarding of my child care experiences or want to know more details about me do not hesitate to write. I hope to hear from you soon
Expected salary
No preferred
Job type
Full time or part time
Family nationality
No preferred
Earliest start date
Not specified
Latest start date
Not specified
Shortest period nanny is required
18 month(s)
Longest period nanny is required
24 month(s)
Not specified
Will care for children under 2 years
Will care for children with special needs
Has driving licence
Has first-aid training
Will look after pets
Can swim
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