Au pair, Denmark
26 year old female
Filipino nationality
Lives in Denmark
Seeking work as au pair
3 years of experience with child care
Have first aid certificate
Last login
Thursday 18. Feb 2021
Thursday 10. Dec 2020
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Hi, first of all, thank you for taking the time to read this letter, my name is Melky Sherlaine and was born in the Philippines. I have been an Au pair both in Netherlands and now currently au paring in Denmark. I am 25 years old and holds a degree for Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am the fourth child of the family with whom all are girls. My father works as an accountant at a local government in our hometown and my mother whom is a housewife manages a small piggery for  business. Most of my life I have lived in a very rural town where everyone knows each person and life is lived as simple as it can be, only when I entered college had I finally taken the chance to experience living in cities and I have always thought it was a very refreshing and fun experience. Being able to grasps and explore new environments always gives me the challenge to adjust and learn from everything while also allowing myself to enjoy from it. It allows me to grow as a person, be more open minded and understandable about certain things and the cultural differences each places offers. I am looking for a host family where I can be welcome as part of their family, be it to engage in their family activities (if possible) as well as spend joyful moments with them during my stay. I like making something relating to art as well as cooking and baking and I will also be very happy to share these with the kids as during my stay in the Netherlands, (taking care of 2 and 4 years old children) we did a lot of activities like making muffins, pizza making as well as lots of drawings and paintings they greatly enjoyed. We did a lot of outdoor activities especially in the summer like going to the beach and having picnic just outside to sulk in under the sun. I love cooking and given the opportunity to live in 2 different countries greatly impacted my cooking skills and I am willing to share everything I've learned to my next host family. Experiencing and learning the cultural differences as well as living outside my border is what I want to pursue for the next couple of years before I settle down. Making this opportunity possible also imposed challenge and responsibilities, and though I know it will not be as easy as it seems, it is my duty to commit to my role and fulfill my tasks as an Au pair and likewise as being part of the household. I am willing to help the family in their day-to-day activities and chores such as doing the laundry, cooking meals, taking care of the pets,  doing some light house cleaning and taking care of the kids; dropping and picking them from school, play with them or take them to the parks and babysitting them,. I am also willing to help them with home works if they want to. As being part of the family and as an Au pair, I am willing to help lessen up the burden in their daily activities and help them in the best way I can and in return I want nothing more than just good memories and unforgettable experiences. To my future family, I am hoping for a great time being part of your household as I will also do my best to also help you on your needs and spend joyful and quality time together with you and your children. Thank you and best regards.
Expected salary
Live in
Job type
Full time
Family nationality
Earliest start date
Latest start date
Shortest period nanny is required
1 month(s)
Longest period nanny is required
24 month(s)
Will care for children under 2 years
Will care for children with special needs
Has driving licence
Has first-aid training
Will look after pets
Can swim
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