Au pair, Philippines
24 year old female
Filipino nationality
Lives in Philippines
Seeking work as au pair
0 years of experience with child care
Have first aid certificate
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Friday 01. Jan 2021
Friday 04. Dec 2020
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Dear future host family,

I am Arra Fauna Aniñon Galino, 24 years old. I am a genuine person, I love to be around people who matches my vibes. I am really friendly, kind, responsible, trustworthy, respectful, hardworking, and honest person, I have great personality that most people really like about me. I love to cook and bake since I graduated Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, with honor. I've been cooking for my family and it really makes me satisfied when they are happy, I also do pastries, I like to bake with my nieces and we enjoy making cookie shapes, I taught them how to make cookies because that's their favorite. I am also a pet lover, I have a puppy named Kiki and our family owns lots of chickens and ducks. I love cleaning while listening to music because it can make me feel progressive everyday and cleaning also serves as my body workout, I'm very neat and I also want my surroundings to be as neat as I am. Teaching is my passion, I love to share my knowledge and I have a long patience for children, aside from teaching my nieces baking, I also tutor them with their modules and act like we are in a classroom and I am the teacher, I'd set up a board to make them feel like a real student because they won't be able to go to an actual school right now because of this pandemic. I am also really talented, I can sing and dance really well and I can also do arts though I am not really good at it.

I love children, though I am single and doesn't have a child yet, most of my family members already have their own family. Most of my nieces and nephews love to ask me to bring them to the park to play, they ask help for their assignments and projects. Due to this pandemic, I lost my job and currently, I am staying at home with my family, it made me learn so much about different aspects of life and made me into a better version of myself.

I have worked in a BPO Industry before and I also worked in the provincial government as a clerk, though I haven't found a regular job after that, I have enhanced my skills with children and household chores for being at home such as:
* I prepare the meals
* I clean the house
* I do the dishes
* I do the laundry
* I take care of my nieces and pets
And during the weekend I help my father with farm works. These are just some of the things that I do everyday.

If you will give me the chance to be your au pair, I will make sure to not fail you, I can be your children's tutor, I am good in english and other subjects too, I can show you my school credentials if you'd like me to. I am very hardworking and a happy person, I respect everyone along with their privacy and your family as a whole and I will follow your house rules. I am just prepared to do this and I can't wait to share my abilities and skills to my host family.

I don't have Au pair or nanny experience yet but being with my two lovely nieces everyday makes it no difference from being an au pair or a nanny. I want to become an au pair because I love adventures, I am a free spirit that seeks adventure and outdoors/indoors kind of fun, I love hiking, I love the beaches as well as I love staying at home and do some home bondings with my family, I love new places, I love meeting new people and just the essence of being around people that are good for you. I am risk taker and brave, I love challenges because it makes me feel like I am actually heading onwards towards life and being an au pair really fits me, with the new place, people, language and culture to experience and learn with and doing the things that I'm passionate about makes me feel like I'm succeeding in life. Also, I want to share what Filipino culture really is, I want to cook Filipino dishes for my host family for them to experience a taste of the Philippines. I want to show them how great and friendly Filipino people are and make the best impression. I am just hopeful that one day, I will meet my host family and make them happy to have me. I know that being an au pair would really help those people who are in need of strong self foundation with kindness and love. As for me, if given the chance, I will cherish the opportunity and share my skills and abilities and fulfill my duties to my host family.

Hoping to match with your preference and I am willing to do further assessment with you. Thank you and more power!
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Full time
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