Au pair, 2110 Dinalupihan, Philippines
31 year old female
Filipino nationality
Lives in 2110  Dinalupihan, Philippines
Seeking work as au pair
2 years of experience with child care
Have driving license
Have first aid certificate
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Monday 29. Aug 2016
Wednesday 23. Sep 2015
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Dear Future Host Family,

Greetings of Peace!

Today , I am writing you this letter to give you a little preview about myself and to
show how sincere I am in what I’m about to enter .

My name is Ma. Jamiely Czarina N. Cabato, but you can call me “Aimie” for short.
I’m 25 years old and a hundred percent Filipina by Blood. I’ve finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2011 in Western Mindanao State University, a well-known government university in our city.

I am the youngest among four siblings and usually do all the household chores in the
house since it’s our tradition here i am a happy, flexible and very responsible i love to learn new things and to meet different people,I’m a jolly-type yet a kind-hearted person. I’m very patient especially when it comes to kids and elders for I respect them so much. I’m the type of person that would give everything that I got to anyone who is more in need than me, regardless of what is left. But above all, I’m a very optimistic person in my own perspective.

I really love to cook food and I also know how to bake cookies and cakes. During my leisure time, my hobby is to practice preparing new types of dishes coming from different countries using ingredients that is available here in our country. I’m also fund of cooking spring rolls using different ingredients per cooking.

Every weekend i have an extra job in cleaning a hotel, my task is changing linens, dusting vacuuming and washing the floor i am very meticulous in cleaning i want a clean and relaxing environment.

i also worked as a volunteered nurse in pediatric department in one of the private hospital here in our city i am assigned in children ward where i help and assist them every day.

Being the youngest, it’s quite challenging. However, growing up with my parents has
been a great advantage for me as well for I grew up carrying all the values that I need which I never forget to apply in my everyday life.All three of my older siblings already have kids. I have 4 nieces and 7 nephews whichmakes a total of 11 kids. Imagine having 11 kids in one family? Well, I’m that lucky and maybe that is the reason why until now I’m not yet ready to have one. Kidding aside, it was fun having them around though, I was able to take care of them one by one for a short period of time. I enjoyed, at the same time was able to experience how to change diapers, feeding a baby until they started learning how to crawl, walk, and until they figured how to say few words. Being their aunt helped me a lot into becoming a more responsible, more loving, and more caring individual for it has given me the chance to see how fragile life is.

I’ve always wanted to explore and travel some parts of the world. So, after hearing
about Au Pair I started browsing the internet so I could learn more about the said program. After reading and watching some videos, you’ve given me hope that someday I will be able to fulfill my dreams.

I want to know the feeling of being in a new environment, having to taste new foods, and of course, experience new cultures and traditions. Our world is so huge that it has so much to offer. So, I hope one day I will be able to fulfill those dreams.

Based on my experience in life and willingness to work, I can assure you that I can be
your ideal Au pair.

I hope you’ll consider me.

Thank you so much and hope I can hear from you soon!

Expected salary
No preferred
Job type
Full time or part time
Family nationality
Earliest start date
Not specified
Latest start date
Not specified
Will care for children under 2 years
Will care for children with special needs
Has driving licence
Has first-aid training
Will look after pets
Can swim
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