Au pair, Brazil
”Brazilian, 26y, kind and trustworthy”
  • 26 year old female
  • Brazilian nationality
  • Lives in Brazil
  • Seeking work as au pair
  • 6 years of experience with child care
  • Have driving license
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Friday 27. Mar 2020
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Dear host family
Hello family. My name is Ana and I am willing to leave my country to discover a new culture. I am 26 years old and I have never been outside of Brazil, I believe that the Au Pair program is the best way to do this, besides giving my mother a lot of security - she would be happy to know that I am being welcomed into a family.
I invite you to read my profile, I'm sure I have enough requirements to become your new au pair.
My personality
When we talk about our personality, it is very rare that you make a list of defects. But I will try to be quite sincere, after all, we are looking for a long life, this would be discovered very quickly!
My best qualities:
Communication - I am a natural speaker, I love to talk about everything;
Studies - I am always searching in books or on the internet for ways to improve life;
Creative - I love to invent, be it games, stories, adventures, basic cooking recipes and more.
Cleanliness and organization - I love to see everything clean and organized, I won't have any problems with that, sometimes I can even be too demanding.
Kind - I like being close to loved ones and showing lots of love and affection;
Empathy and respect - I like to listen to people's stories and understand their feelings, I respect all opinions and ways of life;
I value respect above all else. Everything can be resolved through a good conversation, when you are sincere it can be seen through your words. I hope to find a family that can maintain a true dialogue and can be reciprocal. I like to receive everything that I am willing to give to people. Are you like that? So our combination is perfect!
My family and friends
I will try to summarize my family's history. I come from a very large family, my mother is a single mother and had 7 children and I am the youngest of them. We went through several financial difficulties in childhood, but my mother is a warrior and she never let us miss anything, she is a teacher and that's how she created the incredible person that I am today. All these brothers gave me several nephews, in all there are 7 nephews, and I love these little ones so much. My family supports me a lot!
In addition, I have always been very easy to make friends, I have 3 best childhood friends, we have known each other for over 20 years. In addition to those who would be angry if they were not mentioned, I have several other friends that I made during my life.
I live in a very small city in the interior of Brazil, here we are surrounded by waterfalls and rivers, so we are always camping with friends and family, going to the beach, we have a lot of contact with various animals. Search Barra do Garças on google!
Currently I live with a super special friend, she also sings with me in my musical trio, we went to university together and she is a person that I will take with me all my life, she is one of the most important people in my life.
My education
I have already studied law, graduated in 2018 and currently do an internship in a law firm for 9 months. In addition, I am finishing the course of Portuguese Language and Literature at the university, so I will be a teacher of elementary and high school.
What I do in my free time
Currently my routine revolves around acting as an intern in a law firm, studies, physical activity, reading and nature walks. I dedicate my Sundays to my three youngest nephews (6 months, 3 and 4 years old), we are in constant adventures.
I am also a member of a forró trio, I am a singer and I play percussion. I love music and would love to teach what I know to children.
In my city it is possible to do various outdoor activities, so I am always at the waterfall! I like sports and discover new places.
I'm not a person who goes to parties a lot, it's not that I don't like it, but I prefer to be in other places, I love visiting new restaurants, places that have live music, theater or artistic performances.
My experience with kids
During my training as a teacher in the Portuguese Language and Literature course at the university I had contact with several children and adolescents, teaching classes, participating in projects to introduce needy children to the university and reciting stories and poetry. During this period, I still worked with educational psychology and teaching and learning methods.
In addition to all this, the daily experience and my life story make me even more qualified. I come from a big family, I have 6 brothers, here we always take care of each other. Since adolescence I work with children. I was a nanny for several people in my neighborhood, I was a children's summer camp monitor for three years. In the last few years the bonds with children got even stronger with the birth of my seven nephews, with them I was able to experience care from birth to adolescence, I guarantee that this is my best reference.
I have experience with children from 0 to 16 years old.
I can give phones and emails as a reference at the right time.
My language skills
I am Brazilian, so my native language is Portuguese. I have intermediate knowledge in English, I can understand other people speaking, I can read some texts, but I have a little difficulty in speaking. So I want to use this opportunity to improve my communication in the English language. In addition, I can understand and speak a little in Spanish.
My motivation
I want to be an au pair to improve my experience of intercultural teaching and learning with children and adolescents, becoming a teacher more attentive to the specific needs of each student.
I must be chosen as your au pair because I am willing to learn and experience new family and cultural contexts, and exchange knowledge. I am careful and organized and I am very easy to deal with children.
I want to visit as many places and even countries as possible. Meet lots of people, see new landscapes and have experiences to tell all my life.
My expectations
I hope I can really be an older sister, help the family with their routine, contribute to the chores of the children and the house, teach a little of my culture and knowledge to everyone, walk around the new country, meet new people, enjoy a lot of nature and landscapes.
I hope to be treated with respect and that my work is valued; I hope that everything is always resolved with a good conversation; I hope to have autonomy to help in the education of children, after all I will spend a good time with them, I want parents to understand when situations happen in which children need to have limits (EVERYTHING WILL BE TALKED); I hope to be treated with affection, to have access to good food, without futile restrictions; I hope that they respect the schedules and that we can negotiate, I have no problem working a few more hours, but I hope to be rewarded with that, either with free time or even with pocket money.
I hope we have an incredible year that will be marked forever in our lives!
Other important information
* I like to eat healthy and exercise daily. But I have no restrictions on adapting to the family's way of life. There would be no problem in starting a vegetarian diet, as long as it could be respected if it failed to maintain it.
*I love pets, so I have no problem taking care of them, I can share this task with the parents.
*I have to warn in advance that I am a lesbian, it doesn’t change anything you have said about me so far, but I hope the family is open to accepting me as I am and has no problems with whom I chose to love, I expect a family without prejudice.
*I have a driver's license here in Brazil since 2012, and I drive cars and motorbikes, maybe I have to adapt to the traffic laws of the new country, but I would love to learn about it, I am a great driver.
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  • Will care for children under 2 years
  • Will care for children with special needs
  • Has driving licence
  • Has first-aid training
  • Will look after pets
  • Can swim
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