Au pair, Sweden
”Experienced Brazilian au pair in Sweden ♥️”
  • 28 year old female
  • Brazilian nationality
  • Lives in Sweden
  • Seeking work as au pair
  • 6 years of experience with child care
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My name is Izadora. I am from Brazil. I live with a Nice swedish/brazilian family in Hagsatra, Stockholm, Sweden. I come from a very small town, Palmeira dos Índios AL state. I’m a very responsible, flexible, respectful, independent, and helpful person who loves children.

I had 2 host families in Sweden, the first host family was danish/swedish family tat has 5 kids but i only took care of the 2 youngests they were 2 girls who were 17 months and 4 years old. I took and pick up the kids at kidgardens, playedwith then, help with house duties and cook. My curently host family has 4 kids but i only take care of the 2 youngests, they are a couple who are a girl (7yo) and a boy with special needs (4yo). I pick up them from school and kidgarden also, I cook and plau with them.
My first host Family brought me to Europe because they wanted someone to take care of their kids on their vacations and part of the year, until the summer. I arrived in Oslo first, then we travelled by Austria and I arived in Sweden in 1st february. They didnt need au pairs anymore and this rematch was totally friendly. We Lived very well, we get long, we respected rachei other.
Im as nanny by Saltsjöbadens Barnvaktsbyrå Nanny agency sometimes working with half brazilian kids and working as au pair to braziian family. =)

I would like to tell you about my experiences with kids in Brazil. Since the age of 14, I worked with children as particular teacher/nany, although my family always provided for my sustenance. I always thought it was important to get my own money, so I started to make Ice cream with the help of my mother to sell. I used to sell jewelry and crafts. I was teacher in two schools in two diferent cities about 1 and a half hour from my city.
I used to travel everyday from Monday to Thursday on mornings and monday and tuesday mornings and afternoons, every week and I get free fridays. It Means 21 hours a week in total. I teach English since kindergarten to high school to teenagers. In 2014 I got a government scholarship (PIBID) to develop educational projects in the area of English language as a teacher.

I have experience with non relatives. Vanderli who has 2 twin boys with 9 months Inácio and Francisco. Ynara and Yan Mateus, who were 7 months and 5 years old when I started to care for them. I use to prepare meals, playing, and do some housework. For Ynara, I used to shower her, change diapers, and put her to sleep. I was a particular teacher of Yan Mateus.

Thanks to this experiences, I learned to follow the development of the kids. I became interested in child psychology and I still have hopes to study it someday. So, for while, I developed ways to work with kids as I studied. I study English in UNEAL and there I could get great opportunities to develop my professional side as a teacher. I got a scholarship from government and since 2014 I make projects about english teaching. In this time space I could make a project about playfulness in English classes.

I spent 2 years in internships as a teacher in different grades and I had students from 10 to 17 years old.I learned how being patiant with great amonts of kids and developed my language skills and also my way do deal with diferent and many personalities. With this teacher i could knew better my work, I meet the au pair program and now I’m here writing to you.

I know first aid because I am a techinican in buildings and it was included in this course. I also can swim. I love to dance (zumba and Just dance on WEE) and when I’m free i like to go out with my friends to the gym, the movies, museums, theaters festivals, restaurants as well as walking in nature or acessing internet.

That's a bit of my life and, sincerely, believe me, I am very curious to meet you. I look forward with great joy and hope to meet and befriend a very nice and special family.
Best regards,
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