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”Are you looking for a childminder?”
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lørdag 29. jun 2019
mandag 01. jul 2019
Hello family :)
My name is Greta. I am argentinian starting a new life in Copenhagen.
I am looking for a Childminder or aupair job, because I have I have two years of experience as a volunteer of an ONG that helped children in poverty situation. I also have an year of experience in physical education teachers in my country and I have worked taking care of two girls during one year in my city.
If you wonder why I choose jobs as a nanny?
This is the reason: I really enjoy working with children, playing, creating with them. I think they are incredible beings with intelligence and skills that must be developed creatively. I feel that working with them was one of the most beautiful things in my life, they are capable of giving a lot of love and that is what makes me happy when it comes to caring for a child. We learn at par. I think they have a lot to teach us. On the other hand, I believe that responsibility, creativity and patience are essential for this type of work, I will be able to offer it so that your routine isn't so exhausting and your child's care is in good hands! Don't hesitate to contact me, so you can agree on a day and time to get to know us and that you as a parent and / or mother can stay calm.
Greta Siri.
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