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”Funny and outgoing girl from Denmark”
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torsdag 20. feb 2020
fredag 21. feb 2020
Hello, my name is Anna Cecilie Elgaard but you can call me Anna.

I’m a 21years old girl from a small town in Denmark surrounded by my loving family: my mom, dad and my four siblings. I grew up as an adventures girl not afraid to try something new.

I finished my Danish STX in 2017 where my focus studies were Religion and English. While studying I had two jobs to prepare me for the future. Having a job for me was and is important because it prepared me to be an adult, to have different responsibility and learning how to act.

One of the jobs I had was being a nanny and take care of two lovely children a boy (3 years old) and a girl (6 years old). I love being around children and the energy they bring to the table. To fool around dancing, singing, playing but also to help them with whatever they might come by from homework to a papercut. I have also taken care of my two lovely cousins since they were small.

Furthermore, Ive been working as an Au Pair for two years in London and Stockholm - with the same family. I took care of three kids, one from newborn to 7 months old, a girl from 2-4 and a boy from 4-6 years old.

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you!
If you have any further questions you're welcome to contact me.

Best regards,
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