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”A very fun loving and responsible person. ”
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søndag 05. jan 2020
onsdag 09. jan 2019
Dear Family,

My name is Berli and I am from The Philippines. I am currently an aupair here in Iceland. I'm living with a lovely and caring family of 5 for a year however I would love to be a part of another awesome family in Denmark In less than a year now specifically end of June.

I am a very outgoing person. I always do my best in everything I do. I always love to see the bright side of life. I am very flexible, hardworking, responsible and fun.

I am 22 years old and I am looking for a host family in Denmark since my contract in Iceland is expiring in the end of June.

I am the 3rd child of 4 children however we have quite a big age gap with my elder siblings so I was able to learn how to care with kids with my niece.

I have been living with a loving family of 5 in Iceland. My host parents has 3 active kids and the eldest is 11(boy) next is 9 (girl) and youngest is 5(girl).

I have been responsible with the keeping the house clean . I do some light house hold chores and taking care of the kids especially the youngest child. I usually play with the kids outdoors and indoors. We sometimes play some board games and cards. If the weather permits we play outside with some Filipino games that I've taught them and sometimes Icelandic games. When the parents are not able to pick the youngest child from school, I pick her up and I play with her until the parents come home.

On some nights that the parents had to do something outside, I baby sit the kids. Sometimes if the kids doesn't ask for us to order food for dinner, I would cook for them some simple meals that my host mom taught me. And we sometimes play or watch a movie before they head off to bed.

I am someone who appreciates arts. When I was younger I learned reading some musical notes because I was part of the Vocal Music class. I like reading books, watching movies listening to music.Sometimes if the kids are left with me we usually make some crafts. And i also try to design some fruits and vegetables to get the kids to eat them cause sometimes they just get to be so picky.

If you are reading this I hope you would consider me. I hope we could talk more and make an arrangement of the possibility of me being your aupair and you being my host family.
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