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lørdag 04. jan 2020
lørdag 02. nov 2019
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We are a Danish/German family living in the north of Hamburg. Mother is Danish and Father is German, but we both speak Danish, German as well as English.
We have two children. Our daughter is 5 years old and our son is 3 years old. They grow up bilingual.

We are a modern family with both parents working full-time. We like to do fun things together and to meet up with friends and family in the weekends. We look for an au-pair to start in January 2020, when our current Au-pair go back to Denmark.

We need an au-pair to help take care of our children during the week when not in day-care and to do some household chores.
We live in a newly build house with a spacious, light room available for you.
The job
Most mornings we the parents will take care that the children get to day-care. But there might be some mornings where we need your help if we have to be early at work for meetings.
You will on most week days pick up the children from day-care in the afternoon. Then you could go with them to a playground, go to gymnastics or you can play with them at home. Sometimes the children might also want to bring home a friend for playing together.

In the evening we will expect you to set up a small cold bread meal. It is not necessary to cook warm every evening as we all have a warm supper at work or at day care. But it will be preferred if you could cook a warm simple meal once or twice during the week.
While the children are at the day-care we ask you to help with the daily chores. We have a cleaning aid once a week. Therefore, your support will mainly consist of tidying up, smaller cleaning, doing laundry and shopping groceries.

Some evenings you will need to babysit as well if we are on business trips or will be working longer.
We expect flexibility to help with the children in case of sickness or days when the day-care is closed.
The expected work hours on a week day are around 5 hours.

As we all speak Danish it is not required that you speak German. It is however an advantage if you have had some basic German classes. If you like to learn more this is the perfect opportunity.
Most weekends you will be off and can take the time to explore Hamburg or the surrounding.
We have a car that is mostly here for you to use as we bike to work. But it is also easy to get around by foot or by public transport.

We like to hear from you if you think we are the right family for you to have a year or longer as an au-pair in Hamburg.
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