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tirsdag 16. feb 2016
fredag 05. feb 2016
Dear Au pair

Are you SMILING, curious in life, easy to laughter, interested in small children, good at understanding childrens needs, like nature, being active, do not get scared when the children are not happy all the time, but understands how react and act around children.

You will be dedicated as an au pair and we can trust you.
You do not mind that things change around you (the days will be different, the children will be sick, my work schedule changes, the children will have different moods etc)

We will garantie you a warm, kind and openminded family, we will introduce you to familylife with small children, experiences together and a lot of freedom.

About us
Olivia - 2 year - I am the youngest member of the family - I am a very cute baby, I am curious, I laugh and smile a lot, I am calm and I love when people give me attention, I like to dance, I move whenever the music is playing and I love to play with my sister.
I go to daycare while my mother is at work.

Nanna-Sofie - 5 years - I am a talkative, sensitive girl, I am clever, loves to play, draw, be creative, next year I will go to school and I am already learning the alphabet. My mother is trying to teach me to ride the bike. I like to read, play with my horses, draw beatifull paintings. I go to daycare when my mother is at work, I live 5 days every two weeks with my father and I am going to school this summer.

Heidi - 40 years - The oldest member of the family. I am friendly, positive, can talk about everything, likes to dance, run and be in the nature. I work as a doctor in the city of Vejle.

The children are small, therefore you must have experience with small children, mostly they love you, they are funny and happy, sometimes they are stubborn, they cry when they need your help, they will not be able to speak to you since they speak danish, therefore you must be good a reading their body language, you must be easy at laughter and be dedicated to make the children trust you.

Det vil være skønt for os hvis du taler sproget, da det er vigtigt for børnene at de kan tale med dig.

I need you to help me with the children in the morning and take them to daycare.
During the day I will expect you to help with the laundry and light household.
A few nights you will babysit

I will need your flexibility when the children are sick.

You will usually be off two days a week
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