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Dear Au Pair
We are a Danish/English family of 5 looking for an Au Pair of any nationality.

My Husband Lee, 37, is British and has lived in Denmark for 10 years. He works in the travel industry. I, Christina, 35, am a medical student. Together we have Max-Emil, 9, Victoria, 3, and Julius, 2. We are an average middle class family. Max-Emil goes to school and the little ones go to a nursery/kindergarten (from 8am-4pm.) - everything is literally around the corner from where we live.

We also have a small Cairn Terrier, Sille, who is very friendly, quiet and easy.

We live in Aarhus, the 2. largest town in Denmark. It is beautifully located by the sea and by the forest. We live only 10 min by bicycle from the City Centre in a nice area in a house with a garden.

The kids are loveable and Lee and I have easy-going personalities. That said, we do have high standards and expect that these are met with efficiency. The kids speak Danish and understand all English - they also speak some English. We are internationally minded and have travelled the world extensively. We are interested in learning about your culture and to get to know you well. Likewise, we expect you’re interested in learning about Danish culture and in being part of our family.

We are looking for an Au Pair who can stay with us for longer than 12 months. For the majority of the work hours, we'll primarily need the au pair to do house work (cleaning, laundry, cooking some days, and cleaning up after meals). You’d also be helping out with the kids. Your standard work week would be Monday-Saturday (or Sunday if preferred) 5 hours/day in total. We do expect that the Au Pair wants to take part in some meals and some everyday family life and activities and is interested in hanging out with us as a family and especially with the kids. Babysitting on your own won't be often but on occasion and only once you've gotten to know the kids well. You are flexible in helping out when needed.

We're looking for someone who is a true personality, robust, easy going and patient.
It is important for us to find someone who is truly patient because the Scandinavian approach to raising a child is unique in its lack of the traditional form of discipline. This means that the child’s feelings, needs and wishes are acknowledged and met with compassion. Limits are shown in a firm but loving manner. This can demand a lot of patience and practice especially with our kids who are personalities with quite a bit of temper. It can be stressful with two young kids that are very close in age (2 and 3 (soon 4) ) - a bit like twins, so handling the kids and their feelings in stressful situations as well as in good times comes naturally to you.
It is an absolute must that even if overqualified for these tasks you do not feel too proud for the housework-part of your responsibilities and be open to do it the way we like it done.

The kids like to be outside playing in the garden or going out on small trips in the local area; beach forest, local shopping center etc. - also in winter (we dress up warmly). They also like to build Duplo (Lego), train tracks, role play and to feel useful in helping out. You can see yourself participating actively in this.

The conditions and contract will be according to the current rules and guidelines.

We currently have an Au Pair from Hungary. You would, preferably, overlap with her for 2 weeks, so she can show you around the house and the work tasks. Should you be interested we can give you a reference from her on us.

We'd love you to start on the 1st May!

Kind regards,
Christina and family

Work hours: 30 h/week (5h/day Monday-Saturday)

Start date: As soon as possible after 1st May

Duration: More than 12 months

Salary: 4050 DKK/month + accommodation and food + free phone to Danish numbers

You are: Between 20 and 30 years of age, have some English language skills, have some experience with children.

Preferably you have first aid qualifications or you are willing to participate in a course.
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