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onsdag 16. maj 2018
søndag 18. mar 2018
We are a big, fun and loving family of 7 looking for an au pair to join us.

Mostly we need a girl to help with clean house and cook
So that’s important you can cook and also now how to clean.

Marlene (8 years old) is the oldest. She is in second grade and she loves being active. And that is both roller-skating, riding her bike and horse riding. Besides that, does she also love to sit down with some paper and pens to make a beautiful drawing. But most of all, is she a sweet, and caring girl.
Morten (7 years old). Has just started in school. He is a calm and caring boy who spends a lot of time with his friends, gaming on his PlayStation or building cool Lego towers. He has a huge talent for being messy and teasing his siblings.
Maja (4 years old), goes to kindergarten every day. She is a very caring girl, who likes to spend her time with adults and helping out with everything, also including dinner, which she is actually quite good at. She loves the attention from her mother and is always keen on everything. She, as her brother, has a good talent for being messy and teasing as well.
Martin (2 years old), goes to nursery every day. He is always to be found with or close to his dad. He loves all his toys that has a motor, specially his tractor. He also loves riding his bike, and if he could, would he probably be living on his bike haha. But he is mostly a happy boy, who is very good at drawing at the walls, getting himself into troubles and teasing his siblings.
Maria (from 2 april 2017), is very much in need of her mother, as she is a new born.
Kilian (host dad), has his own business, so is working full time. And Tina (host mom) is at stay at home mom.

We live on a small island in south Denmark, called Ærø. As a family, do we love spending time together. Vi have a small boat which we like to sail in, when the weather is good enough. Vi have a farm located close to our house, where we have 2 cows, 7 horses and chickens. All the kids have their own pony. In the summer are we spending almost all our time outside, we live just next to the beach.
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