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mandag 22. maj 2023
tirsdag 02. maj 2023
We are looking for the replacement of our sweet au pair, Marimar. Her contract will finish in July, which is why we are looking for a new girl. We prefer girls from Philipines, because we have very good experienvce with the culture and the girls we had. You have to be between 25-29 years, have experience as a housekeeper or domistic helper - and experience with taking care of children. The most important thing for us is that you are comfortable to be alone with 3 small children. We have 3 girls, the age of almost 8 and 5 years and 2 years . The big girl, has Diabetes type 1 and need insulin for food. You need to be read about the disease and i will ask u in the interview what it is about. We need a responsible girl in the house :) You are the one who has the overwiew about the tidying and cleaning and take your responsibility. Beside that you are hardworking and have to do household chores, multitask in a big family, flexible with working hours and be a open minded girl. Our kids are in the school/kindergarten every day (monday -friday 8 am - 3 pm). You are the one to pick them up/bring them to school. I sometimes work in the evenings and then I can take them to school and pick them up. In the daytime, while the kids are gone, you need to tidy and clean the house, wash the close and help us to make dinner for the family. We expect that you will be a part of the family and eat dinner with us every day. That is a tradition and all our former au pairs did that. This is very important for us. You will work 6 days a week (as the rules says), but sometimes we give you off the whole weekend(from friday everning). Sometimes you also need to work sundays and then u will get some free time other days. We are flexible and expect the same. We are very nice and openminded family. We want our au pair to be a part of the family, but also respect the private time you need. We want you to talk to us, if you have any problems and know that we always support you. The working our is aprox 30 hours/week and the salary i 700 dollars, but then you pay taxes around 160 dollars. We will pay the cost for the government in Denmark(700 dollars), the danish language school (3000 dollars), the insurance while you are in Denmark(1000 dollars) and your ticket to Denmark. The payment for your visa you will pay. There are a lot of costs to get an au pair now and that is why we expect you to do the best you can to be a part of our family. We are a loud and noisy family, happy and laugh a lot. We like to dance, hear music, play with the kids, inside and outside and we work a lot. I am a doctor and my husband is a Arcitect. We both work aprox 45 hours a week. Send me a message if you are interested.
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