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My name is Phutthamon. I'm 28 years old and from Thailand. Now I be Au pair in the Netherlands . I will be finish on January 2023. I had experience with kids 1-14 years in Thailand. In the Netherlands, My responsibility is for 2 kids who are 7 years old and 11 years old. Many times I have to take care of the baby for 8 months from the host relative also. I was trained in CPR and First aid. I can drive and have driving licenses for a drive in the EU. I can swim. I also can cook, and of course, I cook for kids every day. Hello, My name is Phutthamon. You can call me Yuyie. I'm 28 years old from Thailand. Now, I be Aupair in the Netherlands. I will finish in the Netherlands on January 2023 and I can start in January 2023 also. I do work here for 1 year. I would like to be au au pair because I love children and love spending time with them. I have over 2,000 hours of childcare experience in Thailand. And now I have had experience in the Netherlands for 8 months. I'm confident that I can take good care of children and keep them happy. Not only can I take care of the children, but also can cook, drive, and can do some chores. I am a flexible time person. Able to help host family work with full and willingness. And hope that I will help and share the work with a host family. Please consider me. Hope to see you. Thank you. My personality - Easy-going - Cheerful - Calm - Happy - Disciplined - Flexible - Empathetic - Reliable My hometown is Ayutthaya Thailand. Now, I be Aupair in the Netherlands and I am very happy here. I like to spend time with the kids and like to learn new things here. I am very active and like to explore new things. My experience with kids About my childcare experience, I have looked after children both formally and informally. In my Formal training, I trained at Novotel hotel for 830 hours. I helped with taking care of 11 children aged between 4-10 years old. My responsibilities for Kid's club included taking care of children whose parents (hotel guests) bring children in. I was leading children to do activities such as Coloring, clay work, reading comics, etc. I learned about their emotions a lot because they came from many nationalities and different ages. For Informal training, I had over 1,500 hours of childcare experience. I was a babysitter also. In the Netherlands my work, who kids 7 years old and 11 years old. But sometimes, I have to take care baby 8 months from a relative of the family. My responsibilities were both the bath and preparing breakfast and dinner. I drove to send children to school every morning. I took children to do activities indoors and outdoors such as drawing, swimming, reading comics and playing with them. This is my best experience. I learned that children need love and care. and It is not difficult to make children smile and make them happy. I am happy that I am living and teaching children to learn new things. My family and friends My family at home consists of 6 members, including my father, elder brother, my aunt, 2 cousin and me. My father and aunt own a small restaurant. My elder brother is a manager in Honda factory. And my cousin recently graduated with the Bachelor's degree in engineering. We are a happy family . We usually spend our free time in cooking and watching a movie together. Our family always shares household responsibilities. My family teaches me good values like how to behave, to respect other people, and to share with other people. My education I graduated with the Master's degree in Master of Business Administration from Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi. I decided to study Master's degree because I want to become a teacher. While I was studying, I decided to become a full-time babysitter. What I do in my free time In my free time, I love cooking, Jogging, and reading books. But, If I have a lot of time I like to go hiking and go camp and explore new things with friends. My language skills My mother tongue is Thai and I can speak English very well. if possible, I want to learn a third language. My motivation I would like to be an au pair because I love children and love spending times with them. I'm confident that I can take good care of children and keep them happy. and this is a great opportunity for me to learn culture and language. It is not only to improve my English skills but also learn third language. I think I can be a good au pair for you because I am positive, dependable, calm and responsible. Besides that, I have experience of working with children of various ages and I also was trained about the basic life support and first aids for children because keeping the child safe is the first priority. My expectations I expect to be a part of the family. I am flexible. If you want me to do working overtime or babysit . I can help you. If possible, I would like to work according to the rules.
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