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Dear lovely host family, If you looking for people who easy going and kind person who can get along with kids, Yes I am! My name is Thanyalak Khamfu, you can call me Biw. I am 27 years old. I was born in 30 January 1995. Now I live in Phayao, the north city of Thailand, with my family. My family has 4 members, my dad, my mom, my younger sister and me. I have grandmother When I was young, I lived with her, so I was being raised in Thai culture which gives me many attractive personal qualities such as; politeness, humility, gratefulness and restraint of negative emotions are highly values in Thai society. As you know it, Thais are well-known for their friendliness and great hospitality. Our family is affectionate, when we gather together. When we have dinner, we always share our own experiences for a whole day. My family is farmers. My younger sister is studying in a famous university of the north city Thailand in faculty of fine and applied arts (Computer Graphics and Multimedia). Sometimes they have a lot of homework so my parents and I have to help them. My duties are dishing and laundry. I am occasionally be an assistant of my housemaid or accompany with my mom for grocery shopping. The personal character of me, I am talkative, generous, patient, friendly, easy going, gentle, warmth, reasonable, honest, has a sense of responsibility. Moreover, I am open-minded girl who try to learn new things around me. In my free times I will do activities; in the morning jogging and cycling with my mom. Another favorite hobby of me is reading. I like to spend my free time to read many kinds of books, the most favorite kind of book that I like is novels Recently I just I just take a short course of Chiang Mai university about develop child’s brain and child’s physical Besides I also love watching movies or cartoon such as Iron man, Frozen, Teen wolf, Game of thrones etc. The reasons why I love watching movies is I want to improve my English listening skill and to know about American culture and American lifestyle. Watching movies makes me want to see the reality of American and I want to travel there. Furthermore, I like to listen music and as far as I know that classical music is good for child’s brain. I also surf the internet for knowledge because it is the best and easiest way of communication with each people who are far away. My graduation, I have got a bachelor degree of political since from Mahasarakham University in January, 2017. I love my life while I was studying because I have got a lot of friends there. I did activities with my friends. For about childcare experiences my part-time job is nanny I work on Saturday per week around one year since march 2020 until march 2021, so my experience with kids more than 1000 hrs. My responsibilities were to feed them lunch and snack time with spoon, feeding milk with bottle, showering and changing diapers, putting them to bed, playing with them, singing songs with them, and telling stories. Besides I have observed the child development since at first day of my job For examples the instants; they are trying to walk, and try to speak etc. Additionally, I have work at Chiang may Kid dee kindergarten for 2 months, I was a helper for teachers and helped them taking care kids in the classes. We usually had many activities; for example, teaching them alphabets, numbers, phonic sound, learning different things from pictures or parachute, and etc. In addition, I also enjoy many activities with the kids such as painting, crafting, coloring, playing games, singing, feeding them, teaching them how to clean their hand correctly, teaching them to safe the energy, and keeping eyes on their safety during their classes. Another course I was trained about basic life support and first aids for children because keeping the child safe is the top priority. I can help them with their daily routines such as giving them a bath, preparing their foods as well as I can help them with their studies if needed. My specifications are as followed: I have a driver’s license I can take care of the children (Feeding, playing, bathing, bring to school and pick up etc.) I can cook meals for every time of the day I can do some house chores if needed to be done I can go out with the children to the playground and entertain them I love the pets I am looking for an opportunity to live this experience as an Au pair, I have researched Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, France culture and it has in love. - In France I want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris - In Denmark I want to see the Resenborg Castle - In Netherlands I want to see the Zaanse Schans - In Norway I want to see Polar bear in the Svalbard - In Sweden I want to see the Lund Cathedral I am a responsible and independent person, I will take good care of your children and I will do the housework without problem, I have been doing it all my life. I want to be an au pair because I love children. Also, I want to go on an adventure abroad to learn the culture, language, people and food. I was vaccinated
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