Au pair, Thailand
”A Thai au pair looking for a host family ”
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mandag 17. feb 2020
Hello dear family!!
My name is Chantima, you can call me Yuyee
I would like to be not only an au pair but a friend and part of your family as well! I'll be happy to have the opportunity to talk with you, to answer whatever question you may have, to learn about you and your family
Hopefully that my personal information and my qualification would fulfill to your I am looking forward to getting a good opportunity of being a partof your family. Please kindly consider me as your Au pair. Thank you very much for you
Also if you have some questions, or are interested send a message.Please give me a chance.
My personality
I love children and spending time with them. I am very patient, open-minded, trustworthy, cheerful, I'm a happy, creative and organized person, I love to learn new things and meet new people and places. And I am an optimist with honesty, being simple, does not matter much
Now!! I am a nursery teacher
My family and friends
My name is Chantima, you can call me Yuyee. I was born on Monday 15 of March 1993 and am 26 years old.There are 4 people in my family. My mom used to be a teacher, but now she stays at home to take care of us. Sometimes, we go to the sea together. My dad is a gardener and very hard-working. My older sister is 26 years old. She is the person whom I spend most of my time with. She is my best friend in the whole world. My family also has 2 dogs.I live in Khon Kaen city in Thailand.
What I do in my free time
I like drawing pictures, making DIY crafts, reading a book, gardening, doing aerobic dance and traveling when I have free time. I usually play badminton 3 times a week, go jogging in the morning, and play with my pets. I usually go to the movies, watch Korean series at home.
I love cooking and gardening, planting flowers, planting trees on long holidays and like to travel with friends and family to picture them as memories
My experience with kids
I have 24,410 hours of experience with children.
I used to be a volunteer at orphanage and school took care children from ( new born up to 3 years old )
I’m a nursery teacher I take care of children ( aged 1 – 6 )
My motivation
ฺ Because I'm love working and to take care with now , I would like different experience take care for improve My working skill for me I think people have quality because the treat from family since young. It good opportunity to me for lean these think I can improve my self and keep for adapt to children in Thailand
I like to spend time with children and it makes me feel happy. I have so many things to teach and learn with them. I also want to have a new experience, improve my English skill, learn culture and travel to new places. That's why I decided to try a new challenge and become an au pair.
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