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”Experienced Au pair in USA seeking for Au pair Job”
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tirsdag 17. sep 2019
fredag 13. sep 2019
Dear host family,

My name is Tepnaree or Nan. I’m 26 years old. I have been an au pair in Bothell, Washington since September 2017. I’m taking care of 1 girl who is 11 years old and 2 boys ages 3 and 4 years old. I has worked 45 hours a week Monday through Friday, Starting at 8 am to 5pm. I will finish my au pair program in September 2019. I’m looking to find host family who give me a chance to live with your family.

I’m from Thailand. My hometown is Loei. It is surrounded by mountains and it is a small province that has many tourist attractions such as Chaing Khan, Phu Kradueng, and Phu Rau. There are 5 people in my family, my father, my mother, 2 younger brothers and me. My father is a gentle man. I like to talk with my father about sports. Such as volleyball, soccer, badminton and wrestling. My mother is the most loving person in the world. I like to help her in the kitchen and make Thai food for my family. If I have problems, I get advices from my mother. My younger brothers are students. Sometimes I help them with their homework. And also, we have a cat named Mali. We sell camping stuff, shoes and clothes. Also, my relatives have their own businesses and many shops. So, when they were busy, I helped them with taking care of their kids. We are a big and close family. So, we always help each other. I love children. I really enjoy when they are around me. Taking care of children is another aspect that I always enjoy, and I have a lot of fun taking care of them. I think they do not want anything from us except love and care. I want to supervise their learning and make sure they receive nutritious meals, which is important for the child’s development.

I graduated bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Administration in Thammasat University. As I always have a passion for taking care of people with different kinds of backgrounds and nationalities. I learn about how to help people who have problems in their life such as poverty. My experience comes from being a Social worker intern at Sahathai Foundation in Bangkok. I helped and gave advices to children and families who had problem in their life, visited their home and evaluated their living conditions. Some people don’t know what welfare is and how it could help them. Helping them to help themselves is the objective of being a social worker. I always make sure that they are happy and receive great services from me whenever they come or leave. I have experience to take care of children at school. I took care of children aged between 10 months to 2 years old such as gave them lunch, fed them milk, put them to sleep and played with them and I also took care of children aged 3-5 year old such as played with them, teach them, gave them lunch, put them to nap, fed milk and snacks. From my experience that I took care of people and children will help me to be a good aupair .

I am adaptable, patient, highly responsible, manage time efficiently and I am a flexible person. Adaptation is important to work with people because everyone is born and grows up in different families, different cultures and different environments. So, I have to learn and adjust myself to live and work with others. I am always patient to every situation and highly responsible on all my duties that I have to accomplish. And I also manage time efficiently and I am a flexible person because I know that sometimes my host family have something that they have to finish on a certain time. So, I can help them as much as I can help. In my free time, I like to try new foods, go to the parks, photography and listen to music. I like to hike because I live in Washington state where there are many wonderful places to explore. The nature is so beautiful. I really love photography because it's so fun. It's my hobby which I can share my moments with my family and friends. Photograph can describe my story what I see. Overall all these things make me happy and keep me moving forward.

Now I’m an au pair in Bothell, Washington. I have a wonderful time with my host family. There are 5 people and 4 cats. I’m taking care of 1 girl who is 11 years old and 2 boys ages 3 and 4 years old. The oldest host kid goes to school. I usually spend time with the 2 boys. I give them breakfast and lunch, change diapers, read books, sing songs, take them to the park and teach them the ABC’s, coloring and how to count numbers. I pick up my oldest host kid at school. and I also help my host family to clean up the kitchen, living room and do laundry. Sometimes it is hard to take care of 3 kids who don’t agree with each other and want something different, but I try my best to give them both what they want. When I work with them, I feel like they are my family. I give them love and good care because if they receive good care, they will grow up a good person

I viewed the opportunity of living aboard to live with a host family and to take care of the children as a reward of my life also I will be able to learn language, culture and learn new experiences. For me, living aboard is giving me more than theory. But I will also learn to embrace the new ways of living, learning to accept and learn to adjust myself to other people. These all require time, but I want to challenge myself to live in different country. I would love the opportunity to become a part of your family and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Tepnaree Kaewbuadee (Nan)
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