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”A big sister ready to be a part of your family ”
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tirsdag 26. maj 2020
torsdag 03. okt 2019
My name is New. I'm 25 years old. I'm originally Thai. I’m currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. Already graduated form the faculty of Sociology and Anthropology. I’m highly passionate, creative, cheerful, and a very loud laugher so i would always have a lot of ideas about how to muse everyone around me :D Moreover, I am responsible, trustworthy and would love to cook Thai food for you guys and excited to be a part of your family as a big sister to the children. And to experience, learn from your country's culture. Looking forward to knowing you and to be of service in any way I can.

I’m a Chinese & English teacher for all ages and a part-time Rhythmic Gymnastics and ballet coach for young kids (3 -15 years old) because I used to be one of the national teams. So, I can teach children several skills such as sports, arts, languages and interesting cultures. Being with kids makes me happy. So far i've had over six years of experience working with kids. So i think this will be an interesting experience for me to do this in new places and countries is highly interesting for me.

In my family, we have 4 members. I’m the oldest sister. I have a younger sister. We are like best friends. I have a puddle with 3 homeless cats form nowhere around my house but they have become the members now :) We have our own business about nutrition and meal replacement. We are very happy and healthy nowadays.

Last year, I had a volunteer project as a language teacher of the kindergarten in Poland for a few months in the last winter. It was really fun. I had opportunity to be with young kids and to stay with the host families. I went to family by family each week to take care of their children and teach them English. Sadly, i had such a short period of time with each family. So, i want to join this AuPair project in order to learn more cultures.

I had an unforgettable first solo trip around Europe by train after finished the project. I went to 12 countries which are Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Czech, Hungary, Greece, and almost every city of Germany. I honestly cannot choose my most favorite! I just knew that these places have made me become the best explorer of all time. I was

In my spare time, I travel, do knitting, photography, play ukulele , cook delicious foods for my sister. I always write my blog/vlog and make scrapbooks. But my most favorite thing is going out and going to concert, I traveled alone to so many places just for cozy gigs because music is everything to me. So if your kids love to do things outside and would love to explore nature, i would definitely love to join them. And I’m always opened for the new activities you would offer my to try!

I have several reasons to become an AuPair. Firstly, during the last Christmas holiday, I went to visited my Thai friend who is working there as an Au pair in Germany. I had such a great opportunity to join being a part of her Au pair career and experiencing to learn what every day routines are like. Even it’s not always easy because it requires a lot of responsibilities and coordinations. But because I’ve been dealing of various types of kids like emotional, hectic, chill, sarcastic ,hyper, and even the "what?" kid! While I’m teaching and coaching. Moreover, as I have organized many events and workshops for children. I’m certain that i have enough patience and consistency to educate and cultivate good habits in them. So, after accompanying with my Au pair friend in Germany once again before going back home, I had such great experiences and i do not hesitate to make it my turn :)

Secondly, I intended to apply for Master's degree abroad. But looking at it from here seems to be an impossible goal to achieve. So then I’ve realized that I need to start planing to immerse myself in the right environment that is able to lead me to reach my goal, I could learn some new cultures to be more independent. So being Au Pair so far is the most suitable choice of mine.

The last reason is that the aspiration I have nurtured for many years is to become a life time world traveller, an explorer, and a discoverer of exotic destinations. I’ve seen so many places and many countries but many lands of European countries have so far truly inspired my thoughts. I would say these atmosphere is very suitable for me and it makes me become more productive even I need to get out of my comfort zones for a long time. This is going to be a major turning point of my life :)

So, i hope that I am the right person to take care of your children and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. If you are interested in getting some help for a long time next year, just let me know and we can get in touch to discuss any further details and any kind of doubts you may have.

Wish you a good day! :)

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