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”Jennie is strong women”
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onsdag 21. aug 2019
søndag 18. aug 2019
Dear family,

My name is jenjira, you can call me jennie I am 24 years old , I am from khonkaen in Thailand , My family have 4 members is mom dad older brother and me, I had 2 dog but its dead because of older,We have 2 houses I live with older brother and My parents live in Second house make me can take care of myself and very responsible, My family likes to travel, We went together often,We are had been to many places in thailand and laos
I have experience about kids in thailand, This is the first time for preparing to be an au pair in abroad.
About me
I am jennie, we are 4, Dad is a teacher Mom is a chef bro is a artisan and me, mom teach me about make food since i am 10 years until now, make I can cook Thai food a lot and so good, 2008-2013: hight School (English-French Program), I to do work part time is cooking at hotel and restaurant , I like to learn new things,As well as learning a lot of languages Now i can understand just English good I will try and practice English better more and i like to learn languages a lot, I would to tell you about myself jennie is friendly,funny, active girl, I love fun i am happy womem I am kind, amusing,positive ,careful, helpful, very calm, enthusiastic, honest, obedient, generous, cheerful I have confidence but still modest I am very responsible for my work "Hard-working" I love to travel I like to travel in various places at the Sea and the mountain or adventurous I am a Backpacker because i really like to do activity always Make me a brave and have sensible, i really like take photos about view peoples animal or childrens I like watch movie or series, i like to play guitar and drum a little, My favorite sport is football basketball badminton volleyball and now i trying can swimming so good and I really like to play Extreme Sport,I have a motorcycle and i can drive so good,
I have many experiences with children is last year i take care brother of my friend because her to do work I take kid go to school in the morning and picked up after school 3-4 days in week I took the kids to the pool,Tutoring school,market,amusement park i take care him for 3 years,We spend a lot of time together and I have my cousins a lot i stay with them everyday because parents of children work full time and it is my duty to take care of the children,I play with my cousins everyday,I bathe/shower them and i make food breakfast and dinner for my cousins in everyday ,I like when i stay with kids them make me very happy and can smile,We went together often, we are go to the sea together go to temple together often, go to the mall or store, go to the mountains, I takes cousins to school and i also picks cousins up from school often,help them do the homework,I teach English and mathematics to my cousins and them like it,I bike with my cousins every day but When my cousins naughty or to do something wrong I will talk to them and try tell about reason to them What should to do and should not to do, good or bad for them understand in this if tell reason them will listen and In the future, they will not do this again and When my cousins are good boys/girls and do good things. I will admire and support them It will make them very glad and very happy and will do and develop that in the future,I am really close to my cousins, We spend a lot of time together, I have always loved taking care of kids, I had 2 dog but its die because of older, I like reading I like to plant flowers in the garden in our free time and I really like food it
Important to me i open-minded and if I do something wrong, I will admit my fault And ready to improve and develop myself better.
- I want to be an au pair abroad because I love kids and I want to learn new experiences,So i have had a lot of experience with childrens, I like traveling and meeting new people and learning about peoples cultures, I like learning languages , I like to develop myself when i can understand make me feel so good and I like to learn new things So do not worry you can trust me I am loving person with a hugs hearts for kids I hope i can be a part of your family for help them a little to evolve into healthy and smart kids.
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600 - 2.000 EUR pr. måned
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