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Dear Family,
My name is Alina. I am 20 years old. Originally come from Eastern Siberia (Irkutsk city) in Russia.
My family consists of 7 members:
My parents, three brothers Felix (12 years old) and Edward (8 years), sister Milan (3 years) and little brother Richard (1 year). We have a great relation and strongly bonded to each other.
I am a happy, calm, honest, hard working and very responsible person with good values and education.
I am able to perform house keeping activities such as cleaning an cooking. You can for sure count on me as I am always keep my promise and I will do my best to help you when ever it would be needed.

I truly hope I can contribute helping you with daily routines, so that those busy days will go smooth and nice for whole family. From your side I hope you can introduce me not only to your family traditions but also to your country's traditions and way of living, that is for sure in contrast with country I come from.

Presently I attending the State University of Medicine in Moscow. I have decided to suspend my studies as I would rather experience a bit the World outside Russia and therefore travel and work abroad as Au-Pair. I really want to expand my horizons, as I'm interested in traditions and the way of life of the new culture, in the same time it would give me a fantastic opportunity to improve my English skills and potentially learn new languages. Moreover I wish getting to know a new people and making new friends.
If I have to make a short list of my interests, then I would say that I love reading as books are a fantastic source of inspiration for me. Moreover I am interested in different types of art, therefor I like visiting different exhibitions and art museums. Besides I also enjoy going to theaters once in a while.

I want to become an Au Pair, because I like children and I have a lot of experience, as I took care of my younger siblings. Therefore I understand what it takes, so I am totally aware that it is a great responsibility to work with children.

As for my experience with kids, I would like to say that for a long time I looked after my brothers and my sister. My aunt that is living in Moscow has two small children Adeline (2 years) and Tikhon ( 4 years), so at the moment I do also help my aunt with taking care of them.

Therefore I would say that, I spent a lot of time with kids, and I have experience with taking care of children of different ages.
For me it's a precious time spent with children, as they are growing fast, it is wonderful and exiting to follow their development & assist them with learning something new, explaining simple things & paying countless types of games together, preparing food for them& following them to sports, reading with them, picking them up from school & helping with their school homework.

I hope to become for your children not only a nanny, but a future friend, and will be glad to become part of your family for the time given.

After I have completed Au-Pair program. I believe this will open new doors and new opportunities for me and improve my knowledge and language skills. Afterward I would like to study to become a doctor. I am aware that this education takes many years. That is why in this period I would like to experience as much as possible, travel abroad, learn languages and new cultures, meeting exiting and interesting people, be inspired by others. In the end I would for sure take my experience by being Au-Pair with me in the future and apply it for new beginnings.

Last but not least I look forward hearing from you and meeting all family members soon.

Let me know if you are interested in my profile, so we could take our conversation to the next level.

I remain with best regards,

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