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Au pair, Nepal
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onsdag 11. sep 2019
Dear Host Family,

My name is Lok Lama. I am a young man from Nepal and I want to become an Au Pair for your family. To introduce myself, I am writing to tell you about myself and my experiences with children.

Here in Nepal I live together with my parents Subedar and Shyam Kumari, my elder brother Raju (27) and my elder sister Sumitra (29).
I come from a little village, named Katarche. It is in Katarche, 01 Chau Sa Gadhi,Sindhupalchok. We are living in a house with a garden.
My Dad owns a carpet manufacturing company and my mum runs a cafe at in our locality. My brother is also a secondary level teacher. He teaches social studies. My family is very important for me. I love them all very much, we spend a lot of time in communication, events and trips!
Also it is very important for me that they support my future plan to be an Au Pair.

Since 2 years I have been dreaming to getting an Au pair in Norway. I learned about the Au Pair program because there were people from “EF” at my school who told us about “Cultural Care”, too.
At this moment I know, I want to be an Au pair in Norway, because I love children and want to live together with them and have a very good relationship to them. Also I want to improve my Norwegian skills and learn something about the Norwegian culture and folkways along with exchanging our Nepalese culture. And now I hope my dream comes true.

I describe myself as an open, friendly, organized, loyal and faithful person. Also sense of responsibility is very important for me. I’m a helpful person, who laughs very often.

At the moment, I go to high school. The focus of the school is banking and finance, I have this subjects more than six hours every week.

In my free time, I read many books, I like to sketch, I enjoy singing and dancing. Also I love to play with our little neighbor children.
I enjoy always, when I together with children, it makes very much fun, to talk, laugh and play with them.
I made my greatest experience with children as leader in a vacation camp from the altar servers.
When a girl named Reebika was ill I took care of her, because in this camp I was the “camp health assistant ” and responsible for children who hurt themselves.
There I had very much fun with the children, we danced, sang, played and lived for one week together and developed an unbreakable connection.
Although it gave some trouble and some children argue, but this is normal by the work and life with children.

When I will be in your family for one year in the Norway, I hope I have a very good time, very much fun and a good everyday life with your children, learn much about your culture and improve my Norwegian skills.

I am sure, my host family and I have an unforgettable year, with a good communication and much fun. Also we can learn much about the different cultures from each other.

I wish you a great day and thank you for taking time to get to know me a little bit better. I hope you like my letter and my application. I looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,
Lok Lama
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