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Donnerstag 05. Okt 2017
Dear Host Family,

My name is Ma. Cryzel Joy Ramirez, but you can call me Ramiicca. I am a young woman aged 22 from Philippines and I want to become an Au Pair for your family. To introduce myself, I am writing this to tell you about myself and my experiences with children.

I am currently working as a Human Resource Assistant in a small B2B company here in the Philippines. I conduct interviews to the applicants and assess them if they are qualified for the next interview or not. I am originally from General Santos City, my hometown, which is a part of Mindanao. I just moved in here in Manila, a part of Luzon, just this March 2017 to widen my opportunities and as well as I wanted to be independent. I am currently living with my friends in a small apartment. For my educational background, I have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology. You are probably wondering why I did not pursue my IT career. I didn't pursue the said career due to I've been idle for programming for almost 2 years already since my first job was in the BPO industry and the opportunities for a fresh graduate of IT here in my country is least. Most companies require 2-3 years experience which I do not qualify.

I am a Filipino native speaker, but I can converse in English very well. I speak in English almost all the time at work since it’s really necessary especially when I am talking with my superiors; both of them are foreign nationals. I am currently learning few languages like Portuguese and Spanish, and still planning to learn Italian and French. I am using a translator app, watching some Spanish Tv Series and along side, a very helpful friend from Brazil helps me as well.

For my interests or hobbies, I usually read books or stories, watch documentaries, listening to music, writing poems to kill my time. I am not much of a party-goer like those of my age. I enjoy myself being alone or just by sitting in a cafe or walking along the streets or parks. I like talking with people, sharing ideas and experiences. I am also into arts and crafts. I am just enjoying my creativity come to life and I would love to share them to other people.

Dealing with kids as well is a point where I consider a good improvement medium in terms of personality and skills. Taking care of kids is indeed a challenge but on the process, it allows me to widen my understanding and have a long patience. Kids are the ones I consider a perfect example of worry-free individuals. What made me say that? Kids are mostly very optimistic, very excited for tomorrow without worrying about what it may bring. Simply, enjoying what life has to offer.

I do not have a formal experience with taking care of kids. My experiences are just taking care with my youngest brother years before, 8 years age gap, with my younger cousins, 10-16 years younger. But I do hope you would consider me as your Au Pair.

Why I wanted to be an Au Pair? I want to become one to experience taking care of children that have a different nationality and also learn new things from you, the host family. Aside from that, I want to experience and learn different cultures and languages together with your family. I also wanted to see what the world has to offer. I wanted to live outside of my comfort zone and be a brave young woman ready to face the reality of the universe.

I wish you a great day and thank you for taking your time in getting to know me. I hope you would consider my application. I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

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