”21 years old , llives in the Philippines, looking for someone who is in need of a companionships in life. Or needing a care taker.”
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Freitag 25. Mrz 2016
Freitag 25. Mrz 2016
Hi! Am 21 years old still studying as a care giver a vocational course, I am 5'5 1/2 tall and I have a medium skin tone, I am a Filipina lives in Philippines for 21 years I didn't yet travel in any other country , but if there's an opportunity for me to go abroad I really want too. I grew up with my grandmother in 20 years .
But last year she past away due to her condition, she was diagnosed for stroke in 5 years . I didn't yet seen my parents since I was born they go abroad to work and didn't come back until this presents days. My grand ma was the only one who really took care of me till I graduated high school, but suddenly after a months she was admitted to the hospital for a milt stroke. And year goes by it is getting worst I have no choice but to take care of her, and doesn't have the chance to go in college, I tried to take an Airline management and stewardship course but I didn't make it. Then i pause for two years and suddenly my grandma died last year of october 3 2015.
I was drag down to earth and i feel so helpless and hopeless. I have missed so much of many opportunities and of course my inspiration and my reason and my motivation already death , when she die all of my dreams was wipe away and the only thing that stays in me was her memory.

I hope I can still find someone will willing to change my life and to bring my life into alive again. And I can also preferred to take care of a children under 2years below and above. I can do house hold's chores and can laundry and even cook.
I can be contacted via viber,Facebook,Email.
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