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Dienstag 20. Mrz 2018
Mittwoch 02. Nov 2016
We are a small family, with mother, (me, Kalyanne), daughter Victoria at the age of 5, and baby Estella, just 3 months old. Father works a lot abroad so I am often alone with the kids and that is why I am looking for an AU pair. I need a dynamic young lady that wants to help me taking care of the children and the house. She will be welcome like she is a big sister and we can have a nice time together. We offer Inglish classes for the time you will be here to improve your Inglish and Dutch classes if you want to be introduced to an all new language. Off course we give you expenses and lodging, you will have your own room with bathroom, cash money and the chance to travel with us.

Victoria is a very nice kid, she is very creative, loves to play outside but she is also happy playing inside with friends or alone. She loves to swim, take long walks in the woods surching for small animals, nice leaves or mashrooms. Others activities are painting, play with Lego, drowning, reading small books and all things children from her age like to do. She is at the elementary school and after the summer she will start at the second group. Estella is a amazing baby, just doing fine and bringing happiness to our home.

We need an AU pair who really likes to be with children, someone who is patient, someone who can brings the best out of a child. Someone who has the patience and insight to learn new things to a child. We travel a lot each year, places like USA, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain and France make often part of our schadule so we need someone who likes to travel and is prepared to be organized, efficient and by the time. The Au pair has to be someone who likes to play with the children, in- and outside, go on day trips, she needs to have a drive license just in case of need. We are a bilingue family, we speak Dutch but also Inglish, Portuguese and Spanish, now I would like to have an AU pair who speaks French because I want to introduce the language to my children, It will be nice if she is prepared to be alone with the children for 2 or 3 days, my mother lives 2 blokes from my house so the Au pair will never be all alone with the kids.
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