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Dear Au Pair,

thank you for reading our profile and we very much look forward to you joining our family. we need an Au Pair from the middle-end of August until at least February and maybe July next year! But we are very open to length of stays.

We are looking for a genuine, honest, trust worthy young lady and one that fits well in our family.

I expect our Au Pair to be honest, friendly, calm, organised, motivated, able to use own initiative and a support to me and the children

Our Au Pair needs to be able to make a connection with our family. It would be great if you could cook also!!!

The girls love the outdoors and kicking ball, walks, cycles and so on so it would be great if you enjoyed theses activities too as well as arts and crafts and of course Board games!!!!

We have had Au pairs since August 2009 and we are still in contact with all our Au Pairs and some come back to visit from time to time.

We live in a big town (15 minute walk from the Centre) with lots to do, e.g. cinema, bowling, swimming, shopping, sports activities and clubs, nice walks. There is a bus and train station with lots of opportunities to travel to other cities.
We are also very close to many beautiful beaches and forests. The area we live in is in Kerry in the South West of Ireland - one of the most beautiful places ever!!!!

There are alot of Au Pairs in our area and all our Au Pairs made loads of friends from Ireland and different parts of the world!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon,

Kind regards,
Jackie, Cathal, Maia and Lily

More information for you:

Our family is a normal kind, caring, loving, busy but fun family. As a family we enjoy days out to the local beaches, forests, lakes and so on and we even try to have picnics in good weather!!

We are a family of 4 plus Jack (the children's Dad)!!! The children spend some time every week with their Dad which they love and so does he. Jack works in Aldi and I work as a Manager in family support community organisation so both of us have busy schedules but we help each out as much as possible and have weekly schedules of where the children spend time and of course you would help out with this.

Cathal (boy) is 17 years and is a typical boy who loves his own space and his play station and movies. He enjoys going to the cinema also but does not like sports. Cathal needs very little minding as you can imagine but just a gentle support in organising his clothes, bedroom and his meals.

Maia (girl) is 12 years and she loves football, rugby and singing!! She plays football (GAA - Irish football) with our local Club, rugby with the town Club. She will be starting in a new school in September (secondary school) so this will be very new for her!!!! And exciting hopefully.

Lily (girl) is 10 years and she loves outdoor play, art and swimming.Lily likes her rest time too and would watch some TV or a movie for this. She loves Doctor Who, Mindcraft and Pokemon at the moment. Lily loves being a member of the Scouts Lily is a real 'Tom Boy'.

Both girls and Cathal love Board games, card games, cycling and spending time at the Beach and local forest.

Lily goes to school by Bus and leaves at 8.00am and return from school at 2.45pm. Maia will leave for school about 8.20am and would be home at about 4pm.

Cathal has finished school in June and if he passes his exams will look for an apprenticeship in mechanics.

I work full-time and leave for work the same time as Maia and usually return about 6.30/7pm. But of course I do have irregular hours and some evening work and meetings are required of me.

As a family we try and have some days out, for example to the local beach, local forest, picnics out and so on.

Please note: even though I smoke there is no smoking in the home when the children are here and no smoking around the children at any time. If the Au Pair does smoke the same rules apply: no smoking while caring for the children and no smoking at any time in her bedroom or anywhere else in the home especially when the children are here. Thank you.
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