”Lovely, kind family, who has hosted lots of aupairs, great kids, big house, adorable dog!”
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Freitag 14. Apr 2017
Sonntag 02. Apr 2017
Hello, we are a happy, busy family who are looking forward to welcoming you into our home. We will help you settle and have a wonderful, exciting and memorable time with us. We live in Manchester on a pretty English street in a big house with our dog Buddy. I worked as an aupair for a French family when I was 18, so I know what it is like to move abroad, live with a different family and look after their children. You will always feel welcome in our home, but also have your own space and privacy. We are happy to chat or meet with your parents to reassure them that we will take care of you and enable you to enjoy your time in the UK. We have an aupair already, called Laura from Spain. She's our 5th aupair so you can see we like having aupairs live with us! Laura is happy to skype with you so you can find out more about us and what your life here, would be like.You must like dogs to live with us! You will mainly be working as an after school aupair. You will work around 4 hours a day, taking one of the children to school each morning and collecting them after school. But you will also need to look after our pet Buddy, a 4 month, beautiful, cockapoo. You will need to walk him twice a day (once in the park after dropping Evie at school and once in the afternoon when the girls come home from school.) You will be looking after Evie and Connie, Monday - Friday from 3.20-7pm. You'll need to cook their dinner and look after them until we get home from work. We have a cleaner but we expect you to keep your room and bathroom clean and tidy and to clear up after yourself when cooking in the kitchen. We will occasionally leave you small jobs to do, like hang out the washing, or collect small shopping. You will have all weekends off unless we ask you to babysit once a month. That will always be arranged in advance. You will need to be a confident, experienced driver. We will pay for 2 driving lessons in the UK to help you adjust to driving over here. You will have your own bedroom and bathroom, we have wifi and a cinema room. If you want to have English lessons we can also recommend a great teacher who has worked with our aupairs before.
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