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Sonntag 24. Mai 2015
Sonntag 17. Mai 2015
Dear aupair,
We are a family of 4 people.
We have two boys: one is 38 months and one is just 7 months.
We are looking for a nice and charming aupair, who must had experiences for at least 2 years.
If you are friendly, charming... We would very much like to see you.

Our two children go to kindergarten normally from monday to friday so I expect that you can help me to take care of them with followings:

- Wake them up, giving breakfast, make them ready for going before 7.30 AM. Pack their lunch boxes. Bring them to kindergarten.
- Cleaning the house, making foods and do laundry. The house needs to be kept perfectly clean always.
- Taking care of plants, flowers and garden. Sometimes take a walk with our dog.
- Pick up the children from kindergarten. Bring them to library or playground to pay around 1 hour before going back home. You help them to take a bath, making dinner, then play with them a bit before take them to bed and sleep.

In the weekend, we will expect that you help us to spend a bit more time with the children. Taking them to music school or so on.

Do you think the job is something for you?

Please kindly note that we expect only aupair with great experiences.
You need to pay for your own visa cost and air ticket. If you stay with us at least 12 months and everything is fine as it should be, then we will be happy to give you the money for the air ticket in the end of the period.
Bevorzugt eine Person in der Altersgruppe
22 - 30 jahre
2 jahre
Erforderliche Arbeitsstunden durch das Profil
25 - 30 stunden
700 - 1.000 DKK pro woche
Wohne in
Frühester Starttermin
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Spätmöglichstes Startdatum
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Kürzester Zeitraum, in dem das Kindermädchen benötigt wird
18 monat(e)
Längste Zeit in der das Kindermädchen erforderlich ist
24 monat(e)
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