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We are only considering someone with prior experience from northern European countries, preferbly someone who is already in Denmark. We are not hireing directly from a far away Homeland.

We have 4 children in our household. Two olders sons, 10 and 11, who divide their time between us and their mother, and an baby girl of 2,5 years and a toddler boy of 4,5 who are permanent residents. We live in Århus, the second largest City in Denmark with a quarter mio people.
The small children, Sally and Walther are attending nursery, their father works in finance close to home, I am a doctor and work in Randers/Aalborg. I work in a changing schedule including weekend- and nightshifts. We live in a Big house just across the Road from the Marselisborg skov, 1 km from the Beach and 2 km from City Hall. 3 busses depart within 200 m, and as other means of transport we have bikes and two cars, one rarely in use.

We need help with Daily dinnercooking and cleaning up after dinner. In the mornings We need help with getting the two small ones ready for nursery, making them each a lunchbox, combing hair ect. When We all leave the house for School and work there needs to be a quick tidying up but Them you have the Day to yourself untill dinner preparation. You May do the groceryshopping If you like, but you dont have to. You Will be expected to keep track of what We need in the household in terms of grocery items for instance stuff for the lunchboxes ect.
Apart from this We expect you to clean the House once a week, fold the laundry, change linnin on beds and pretty much be the person in charge of the House looking maintained inside.
I see my children aprox 2 hours a Day in the afternoons before bedtime due to my work, and that time is sacred to me and I need to be devoted to my children in that period. So you need to be a skilled cook so I dont have to get involved with that.

You would have your room on the bottom floor of the house in level with the garden (not a basement) and window with gardenview. There is a large bathroom that you would share when we play in the garden.

I am away for nightshifts and sometimes weekendshifts. So you would have a schedule, but it will change with my workschedule, to help with the kids When I am not at home.

We hope that you will want to learn Danish to better communicate with Walther, Sally is pre-language and the Big Boys, Christian and Mads understand (and speak) some english. They are the nicest most loving bigbrothers that you will ever meet, their allconsuming interest is football, Walther is a toddler, he loves to talk and play with his cars, Sally is learning to speak and has a vers stong will. She loves sinding and dancing.
There are already a few au pairs in the area mainly fillipino, one just acros the street.

We want to welcome you into our family and we hope that this short deskription will have caught you interest so that we Can meet for an informal interview to see if the chemistry is right. For me it is important that we Can all feel relaxed and at ease with each other when sharing a life together for a longer period of time. We hope to be a loving, respectful and comfortable family to live in for you.
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18 - 30 stunden
4.150 - 4.150 DKK pro monat
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24 monat(e)
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