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Life is pretty hectic in our family of six – plus the dog. Hectic at times, at least. We are looking for someone who can deal with hectic, preferably even someone who thrives with it. Because there are a lot of us! And often there are more than just the six of us. As Jochem is from Holland we often have family and friends visiting from Holland. The kids have a lot of friends over. Line’s family all live in Aarhus and are around a lot. We love to have people around the house. So an au pair needs to feel comfortable in that.

Your role
It is important to us that we do not want a maid. We want someone to interact like a member of the family in the sense that your role is to interact with the kids like an older sibling. We don’t want them to see you as someone who does the chores for them, but rather as someone who helps them with their chores. (This goes especially for the older kids). We don’t want you to clean their rooms (although sometimes they may need your assistance when they clean their rooms); you do the dishes with them, not for them etc. And you can tell them what to do, like an older sibling would. We have had two au pairs so far (an American boy and a Dutch girl) and are happy to facilitate contact with them.

We live in a large house right outside Aarhus (#2 on Lonely planet’s European destinations 2016). We live just next to the lovely forest Riis Skov and next to the beach. You can bike to the city centre in 10 min. Aarhus is the second largest city of Aarhus, there are many students and young people here and a great deal of activities and possibilities. The neighbourhood is very safe.

A typical day
All the kids are out of the house during the day, which means that between 8:30 and three o’clock the house is quiet. During this time you will have ample opportunity to do sports or pursue other activities and hobbies, including language school if you wish. You are also expected to do a bit of tidying, cleaning or maybe groceries. The scheduling of these activities will be mainly up to you.
School is out at two o’clock. Our eldest will either bike home or visit friends. He does not really require any care or supervision at this point. Our daughter does a lot of after school activities at school and will stay at school a couple of days a week until around four o’clock. She will also frequently arrange to go home with friends (or have friends over). She will have to be picked up from school or friends, but usually we do this ourselves. The two small boys are in day care and have to be picked up at three o’clock. We usually pick them up ourselves.

All of this means that from around three o’clock is right about when it starts to get hectic. Usually Line is with the kids, and Jochem can help with emergencies as he works from home, but he will not finish working until about 17:30. In the afternoon, a lot needs to get done. We play and read books and watch TV, but we also need to make dinner, and the boys need a bath. The two older kids have sports several times a week, mom has a dance class once or twice a week and Dad needs to go for a run once or twice. And what that means is that we need an extra set of hands. To help look after the boys, to drop Lucia off at dance class or pick her up from a friend’s house. To take the dog for a walk…
That means that a typical day for the au pair at our house would be (Monday-Friday):
7-8:15: Help get the kids ready
8:15 – 15:00 Spend your time however you want, but you should expect some cleaning, grocery shopping, walking the dog to be included on most days.
15:00-19:00 Be an extra set of hands.
We very rarely require help in the weekends, and Fridays you will mostly be able to leave early as both parents usually have the afternoon off on Friday. On special occasions, we may need either help with babysitting or help around the house, but this will be scheduled well in advance and you will have other days off instead.
Typical duties: Vacuuming, cleaning, babysitting, groceries. Dog- walking. Carpooling
Laundry and cooking we usually do ourselves, although some light food prepping like preparing a salad or peeling carrots might be expected. Unless you are a really good cook. Then we can talk about it ;-)
We all eat meat, but not a lot of meat. Specifically, we try to have at least five vegetarian dinners each week. (Coincidentally, both of our previous au pairs have been vegetarians, so we can certainly accommodate that). We do not care whether you eat meat, but you should know that we only serve it a couple of times a week. We eat mainly organic and we cook every day, you will rarely see take-out at our house. We love good food and consider meal times a very important time to spend together.

Other titbits:
• We will only consider applicants who are non-smokers and who have a driver’s license.
• We drive to Holland usually a couple of times a year. Most likely you will join us on some of those (and other) trips.
• We speak Dutch and Danish around the house, Jochem and Line and the older kids speak English, Jochem and Line also speak Spanish and some German. You will need to lean basic Danish to interact with the small boys, unless you speak Dutch.
• Jochem is a lawyer and works mainly in business development, Line is a teacher at the University.

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