”au pair wanted to be part of our family - in Høsterkøb”
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Donnerstag 12. Nov 2015
Donnerstag 12. Nov 2015
We are a family of 4 (Laura at nearly 18 and Emma at 16 that is at the moment now living in the US and Peter(working with Falck) and me(having my own company)), but at the moment only 3 of us is living at our home in Høsterkøb.

We are an international family that has lived abroad for about 20 years, we travel a lot, we love cooking ourselves and with you also , we are social and love having friends over,we are simple and very much understanding of other cultures....

We are offering and au pair to come and stay with us and develop herself in skills like cooking, work balance, understanding the danish culture and then your main job will be helping with cleaning, washing, feeding our cat and also cooking..we are a family that is ready to teach you and develop you..

We need an independent girl, that is honest, responsible and openminded and smily.....

we are in a new farm house in the most idyllic place.....there is good connection with buses and a great network of au pairs in our area.

Please give me a call today as we like you to meet us and start with us ASAP my number is 21733664 regards Gitte Svarrer

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