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We are a family of 5 living in Helsingør situated 35 km from the heart of Copenhagen. Helsingør is a city of 45.000 people by the sea north of Copenhagen. We have easy and frequent train connections to Copenhagen.

We live in a house opposite the beach. We have good space and a nice garden. You will have your own room and a bike to get around.

We are an outgoing family who likes to talk, listen to music, enjoy art and do lots of different things. We also enjoy social activites a lot and do love to travel when time admits us to travel.

We have a 2 year old boy going to kindergarden and another one (a girl) coming in the end of january. Also we have a boy (9 years) and a girl (7 years) who live with us every second week. The other week they are with their mother, living close by. The kids are both happy, easy and polite and enjoys the company of each other.

We are a busy and fun-loving family, flexible and prefers to deal with problems with a smile and mutual respect. We like everyone to feel welcomed and accepted.

What do we need?
We are seeking an au pair to help us out in our daily routines such as standard housekeeping, and some babysitting and just helping in our everyday needs. We work within art design, and are looking for some extra help to give us more time to spend as a family and with the kids individually.

All kids are out of the house during the day. It should not be so hard working with us. It includes keeping house, cleaning, cooking and some babysitting. The kids sometimes have to be followed and picked up from kindergarden and once a while babysitting when the kids are sleeping 1-2 times/week.

Anyway, lots of spare time for you and often possibility to take a long weekend off if you like.

Looking forward to hearing from you
We are mainly looking for candidates who are already working as aupair in Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland). But everybody is welcome to get in touch with us.

Det må også meget gerne være en dansker der søger arbejdet. Måske står du med et sabbatår du gerne vil bruge på nogle nye oplevelser og på at være noget for vores familie.

Best regards,

Natascha & Karsten & Kids :-)
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