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Dear AuPair,
good to meet you (virtually)! We are a family of four. Gesa and Jan, the parents, as well as Anna and Marie, our two little daughters. Anna is 2 now. She goes to daycare from 8:30am to 3pm during the week and absolutely loves it. After that she likes going to the park, playing with her friends or doing her sports. Little Marie is 2 months old, was just diagnosed with Down Syndrome, but you can't really tell. She's just a super chilled little girl.
We, the parents, are 36 and 37 years old. To be honest currently we don't have any big hobbies as our two girls are our first priority and take up a lot of our time. We do like enjoying Berlin, meeting friends, discovering museums etc. If there was just more time... Before Anna and Marie Gesa worked as a management consultant and in a startup, while Jan runs a company which develops computer games.
The four of us live right in the city center of Berlin (Mitte). We live in what is called a townhouse in Germany, like a small house, just right downtown. There is a little garden, a rooftop terrace, and a ton of steps in between.
This would be our first experience with an au-pair (we use babysitters regularly so far so the girls are used to it). We are looking for someone to join our family, who loves children and whom the children love.
We are looking forward to getting to know you!

I made two lists to describe what will be expecting you, as I find it important to be really clear about expectations. I hope these lists are helpful!

The job, 30 hours per week: - Main function: Helping in daily life - Sometimes, not often (we like spending time with the girls in the morning): Getting the girls ready in the morning, for the kindergarden , including getting them dressed, fixing breakfast, and getting them ready to go; - Sometimes, not often: Taking the girls to the nearby kindergarden; - 2-3 times per week: Picking the girls up in the afternoon at around 3 or 3:30 pm; - Doing some afternoon indoor games or outdoor activities with the girls (depending on weather conditions, such as going for walks, doing some light shopping, nearby playground, talk, read, sing, visiting friends, taking them to after-kindergarden sports activities, etc.); - Occasional baby sitting in the evenings, around twice a week (the girls sleep really well, this time can be used for reading, watching TV or doing other chores, etc) - Some housework, such as helping with washing and folding clothes, cleaning the kitchen counter, emptying the dish washer, tidying up (although we like the girls to do this by themselves, which not always works); - Simple cooking - Shopping for groceries (Our big girl loves doing this too) - Help out when children are ill

Terms and conditions: - The period of employment is ideally 12 months; - You become a part of our family and we work as a team; - Own room and board with our family in the center of Berlin; - Bathroom shared with the children; - Wireless internet connection; - German and board; - 30 hours work per week, hours per day will vary. Maybe additional babysitting may be necessary, which would then be compensated separately. - Contribution to a German language training of 50 Euros; - Payment of a monthly allowance of 350 Euros; - Generally at least one day off per week (schedule will vary, but that will be discussed in advance); - 1 week holiday for every 3 months of work with pay, to be aligned with when we go on holiday; - Beginning as soon as possible
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