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Hello everybody,

we are a family of two - myself and son -, who just a few weeks ago, moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have an international background, mainly American and German, but we love to travel. I would describe us as outgoing, fun, nature-loving, balanced, sportive, animal-lovers and we embrace every culture, we come across. Our family motto is, that every culture has some things positive and some things not so good. Therefore, we try to combine the best of all and voilà, fun, fun, fun.

For example, the first weekend in Sao Paulo. We drove to the nice artisan market called "Embu das Artes", which is about 13 km out of the city. It was beautiful! To see Brazilian craftwork, art, and their food... (do I need to say more?) Simply fantastic.

So who are we?

Let´s start with my son. He is a typical teenager, 13-years old. He was born in Germany, lived in the U.S. for five years and for my studies with the German state department, he moved back to good old Germany with me. He does not particularly care for school, but then, what teenager does, even though he is truly smart.(I know, every mom says this about their child/children, but he was actually tested when he turned six years, so I have it in writing...) hahahaha...
He absolutely loves his cat "Alex", which also lives in our household, so you should not be allergic to cats ;-)
His time outside of school, he fills with playing drums and guitar. Videogames are also very high on the list of things to do so is meeting his friends.
I would describe him as sensitive, open-minded, loyal, out-spoken and a great friend. Once you earn his heart, he will go through thick and thin with you.

I am originally from the German south (Bavaria), married to an American for 15 years. Unfortunately, my husband and I are separated, so I guess I can call myself now being a single-mom. I studied in the U.S. and now work for the German government as a diplomat posted to the consulate general in Sao Paulo. My credo in life is "work hard - play hard", which basically translates into a thirst of experiencing everything about a culture there is. The food, art, music, language, nature, people, politics, anything I can learn from. So I guess that makes me open-minded? I am a very tolerant and an out-going person who loves to have fun. On the weekends, as soon as we are settled, I am planning to take regular trips to the coast outside of Sao Paulo. I want to go through the amazons and visit coffee and cacao Plantages. That brings me to the question, if you are staying with us, "do you have any plans?" :-)

I really am looking for someone to become a part of our family. I do not want to be seen as a possibility to have a roof over the head and being payed while residing in a foreign country. That is NOT what I am looking for. It is certainly the initial motivation, but I truly would like for everybody to put in an effort to become friends.

I did not write in any salary, since I think this has to be determine, once we get to know each other and we can feel, if it is a match. Also, I did not upload any pictures from us, since I have a hard time trusting the internet with my photos.

I hope I made you curious about us and am looking forward to hearing from you :-)

All the best!

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