Au-pair, Weißrussland
24 Jahre alt weiblich
Russisch nationalität
Lebt in Weißrussland
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
6 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
Mit Führerschein
Letzte Anmeldung
Montag 20. Aug 2018
Mittwoch 04. Mai 2016
Dear Family, possibly in near future, I will be aupair for your children, or I won’t, but if you are reading this text, that means you want to know me better.
I am 20 years old and I live in Belarus.
I want to tell you that I have a real experience in real life. Books I have read replaced higher education for me and real experience with children’s injuries replaced first medical aid courses for me. I have five brothers and sisters in age from 2 to 10 years. And I took part in upbringing all of them. I remember their first steps and first falls, I remember how they learn rules of life and how they make mistakes, I remember how they smashed their knees and how I dried their tears. I am an elder sister for them and think that I’ve got invaluable experience in dealing with children. I was upbringing them putting whole my soul.
I am not just elder sister, also I am loving sister. I like going with my babies for a walk, I like to teach them something new I like to read them books and play games. I am a family-person for 100% and I put the family on the first place in all cases.
Some more about me. I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol at all. I have been attending to sport since I was 4. I am leading a healthy way of life, I like running, cycle-walks, swimming and I like sport and physical training as good way of life.
If you have a dog I will be glad to going for a walk with it and even to train it. I have 2 big dogs I trained from zero level when they were puppies. I trained them by method of trials and mistakes, so I’ve got experience in training and upbringing of dogs. Also I have cats. And I like horses very much.
I am good at cooking and like it. I am vegetarian since my childhood so that’s why I didn’t know how to cook meat. Though, if you need help with cooking meat I will learn how to do that. I am study very quickly.
Nature is very important part of my life! And I couldn’t imagine my life without it! But, I understand that I chose program “au pair” to know other life, other culture, to learn better English and to look at life of other people, so I will glad to live both in city (big or small) and in country.
I have driving license (international type) from my country.
I am realy kind, interesting, funy, flexible, active and good girl.
In the end of my text I want to say, if you that one family, for which I appropriate I’ll be glad to be elder sister for your children and helper for you. I will be glad go with children for a walk, to read them books, to play them on a guitar, to sing songs, to teach them something new and just to spend time with great fun.
If you liked me I hope you will write me and we will continue our communication.
500 - 600 EUR pro monat
Wohne in
Vollzeit oder Teilzeit
Nationalität Familie
Nicht bevorzugt
Frühester Starttermin
Spätmöglichstes Startdatum
Kürzester Zeitraum, in dem das Kindermädchen benötigt wird
6 monat(e)
Längste Zeit in der das Kindermädchen erforderlich ist
12 monat(e)
Kümmert sich um Kinder unter 2 Jahren
Kümmert sich um Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen
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