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Donnerstag 07. Jul 2016
Donnerstag 07. Jul 2016
To the Lovely Family;

Hello I hope you are all fine while reading my letter, Im Abegail Guarnes, turning 23 years old this July 2016. I am a 4 year college Degree holder ,I am the eldest Child in our family having 3 sister ages 20,11 and 8 years old. I am kind, sweet, patience, Independent, honest, caring, flexible, hardworking and responsible girl, My hobbies include photography, reading, swimming, biking, gardening, travelling, cooking, watching movies, doing art works, listening to music, singing, dancing and playing with children. I speak very good English and I have a little knowledge with Spanish and German language, I can play outdoors games like football, basketball and badminton and indoor games like chess and Scrabble, Your kids are safe on my hands because I have training in Security and safety, I also have 1st aid training, Firefighting training, Leadership training and Water Survival training during my college years, I’m the eldest child in our family, so being the eldest my mother taught me everything about household chores, I do love cooking and now im learning how to bake. Im very excited to cook European delicacies so now I’m trying my best to learn it
I have more than 10 years of childcare experience, I used to take care of my siblings and little cousins ever since so having children with me is very normal and I love it very much. I came from a simple family my father is a Farmer and my mother is a housekeeper/housewife we don’t have household worker to clean and work in our house so being the eldest its one of my responsibilities, I am also a lover of animals, we have here cats, Dog, Swan, Duck and chicken that I love to take care off too. when my sibling were born I need to take care of them, we don’t have nanny so I learn by myself to feed, prepare their foods, take them to bath, attend there beddings, make them sleep, dress them up, Help with their home work/assignment, sing or dance for them and do funny things just to stop them from crying, prepare them to go to school and sometimes I Brought them to school.
Im a family oriented person, I am living in a small village wherein all of my little cousins are also staying, most of my spare time I love spending it with them, eating healthy foods, watching movies, playing, posing for picture and have “Selfie”, I have fond of enjoying my life around with children, there genuine smile and laugh just make me forget my problem, children make me realize how important to smile and be happy that’s why for me being with Children is one of the best moment you’ll surely never miss. I can take care of kids from 0-15 years old in any Gender.
I believe this program is one of the most amazing experiences I shouldn’t miss, that’s why when I found this opportunity my heart get so eager to join believing life is too short so experience, travel and enjoy the world. I knew I have so many things to learn from this program, I want to learn new culture, meet new people with different nationality, travel different beautiful places and be more independent, I will respect the beliefs, religion and culture that you have and I’m very willing to adopt the culture that your family has. I knew in my heart that the family I can be with during my stay will adopt some of Good values that I have like respecting the elders, always smiling despite the problems, Being God fearing, being a strong person and many others things that I am excited to share.
I have a very good reference including friends who use to work as aupair and my former employer which she said she likes how I work because im very responsible, kind and flexible, I already have passport, I also have very good moral as I got a good moral certificate in our school and in our church.
I am morally, psychologically, physically and spiritually ready to be part of your family, I will not expect anything from your family but please expect me to be the best Aupair you can have, I will do my very best not to disappoint you.
I love a child so much that’s why I want to take care of your children, making sure they are safe, happy and enjoying their life as kids. I will make sure they are attended, and I would like to care of your household chores as well like doing the laundry, helping with cooking, ironing, cleaning the house, vacuuming, buying grocery and many things that I’m so excited to do. I know in myself that I’m capable of being a good au pair for your family because i have traits, personality and experience that are really suited to your lovely family.I hope you can contact me anytime soon.
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