Au-pair, 8000 Davao City, Philippinen
29 Jahre alt weiblich
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Lebt in 8000  Davao City, Philippinen
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2 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Donnerstag 18. Aug 2016
Donnerstag 15. Okt 2015
My Dearest Future Host Family,

My name is Charmaine T. Estrada, Single, and I am 24 years old. I’m a Registered Nurse from the Philippines. I come from a very loving and close-knit family. My father is working as a government employee while my mother is a housewife. I have one beautiful sister named Aira Mae,21 years old and working as a trainee for Head Supervisor position to an Agency here in the Philippines. I worked as a Staff nurse in a government hospital in the Province of Compostela for 2 years. I also worked as part-time baby sitter for 2 kids in the year 2014. That year, I was also given opportunity to work in Malaysia as a Professional singer in a hotel. I am very independent and trainable. I am very willing to learn all the tasks given to me and I always do my best every time. I am used to working hard since I was still studying in college, I’ve learned to support myself until I graduated,, I do a lot of part-time jobs from singing to babysitting because I don’t depend on my parents to give me allowances. My life was full of ups and downs, but I was never a quitter. I’m very mature, hard-working, fun, reliable, and dedicated employee, but I can guarantee that I'll always bring a sense of positivity into the household as well! I am honest and have a calm personality. I am very independent when it comes to tasks that I can see whatever needs to be done in the house without being told.

I am also a pet-lover. So I know it will be easy for me to take care of pets just in case you have one. I like to sing, meet new friends, play sports like Badminton or Bowling and read books. I also love to do volunteer activities involving children. I have been teaching children in remote areas since I was in college.

In terms of my experience as a baby sitter/nanny, the parents have a flexible schedule in taking care of their businesses so my responsibilities would be more focused on the kids. My responsibilities includes bathing the child, dressing, feeding, cleaning up after their meal, entertaining them and helping them in making their homework. I worked 5-8 hours a day depending on the family. I also do housework like cleaning the house, washing and ironing clothes, washing the dishes and cooking.

I understand that communication is very important for me to work well. But I don’t have any problem with that because I can speak English and a little bit of German. I am also very willing to learn your language whenever you would chose me as your Au Pair. I am very excited for this opportunity to learn and explore the European culture. I will assure you that I will do my best to exceed your expectations. This is one of my greatest dream and I would never do anything to lose this opportunity. I wish I could say everything here now, but words are not enough to express how I feel. I am confident that if you chose me as your Au pair, we will be able to have a good time together and learn from each other, as the saying goes;

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Looking forward to meet you soon! God Bless!

Yours Truly,
Charmaine Estrada

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