Au-pair, 9500 General Santos City, Philippinen
32 Jahre alt weiblich
Philippinisch nationalität
Lebt in 9500  General Santos City, Philippinen
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
3 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Montag 30. Jan 2017
Samstag 14. Jan 2017
Dear Family,

My name is Kristine. I am 28 years old. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant.

I want to be an aupair because i will have the opportunity to improve my Language skills. It will be a great experience for me and it is my desire to share other culture with others specially to my host family and the people I will meet. My dream of living in Norway and experience their culture, food and the language. It will be a challenge for me on how can I handle and manage myself in this new journey.

I take pleasure in simple things in life. I enjoy being outdoors, going for road trips, visiting places I have not been to.

I am a person who loves to travel and to explore new things. I am very interested in what is happening around me. I best describe myself as funny, because I love to crank jokes to my family and friends because I know that our purpose in life is to be happy. I am also an optimistic person, I always set my mind to a positive ways.

- I am pretty GOOD COOK, I get most of the compliments on my cooking. I know European foods or alternatively western cuisine like steaks, pasta, french breads and fried potatoes. I liked the immersion of flavors of different herbs in my cooking and marinates. I have been to Singapore and Denmark and I learned so many things there.

- I love to swim to, because we live near the sea, we sometimes go for a swim and i remember my father teaches me how because he used to be a fisherman.

- I play badminton. I represented our school during my elementary to college days. And I am into volleyball now too.

- I also love pets, especially dogs. I have a dog named Wang- yu, his name was derived from the person who gave me the dog. I remember when i was a little kid I cried the whole day because my dog died it seems that i lost one of my friend.

- I can also clean the house fast and thorough. I wash clothes, wash dishes,fold an iron clothes, dust, arrange bedding, arrange cupboards, go grocery shopping,and among others.

- Child Care Experience, I have the opportunity to looked after my 3 nieces because we lived in the same house. I took care of them since they were born.
Since they were born I was the one who help my eldest sister to looked after them. We play, watch tv, sing together and i am the one who helped them eat. I also sing their favorite song fo them to fall asleep in the afternoon. Sometimes i bring them to the mall to play and buy some stuffs and toys. When i arrive from work they never forget to asked “pasalubong”. Even those who is not related to me, i m still very fond of children because they are cute and innocent.i like to play with them because it is fun.

The On the Job training abroad (Singapore) fo 1 year,that helps me to stand on my own without the help of my family, i learned to be strong to face all the challenges alone and handle myself on whatever things may come, learn to make a decision and stand for it.

I have a lot of experience that shaped me on how i become as a person now, i become more independent, self- reliance and become more closer to God.

The death of my father who brings our family more closer to each other, I become more responsible .

I would be happy be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you, to answer whatever questions you may have about me and to learn more about your family; your interests and to know more about what you expect the au pair arrangement.

Thankyou very much for your interest in my application!
I look forward to hearing from you.
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