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Best Greetings Host Family!
Hi I am Realyn , I’m 27 years old and lives in Talisay City Cebu, Philippines. I am a registered nurse and I am working as a Clinic nurse at Prime Care. Prime Care is a diagnostic center which caters and provides medical and dental assistance to employees to companies and individual clients in purpose to help/assist them in their medical needs. As a clinic nurse, we are conducting consults and giving them interventions depending on the disease that they are complaining with. We are also undertaking health and wellness caravan and seminars to ensure the safety and information dissemination to our patients as far as health and service is concerned. Aside from working as a Clinic Nurse, I am also working as an AUPAIR during my rest day with a family ( Mr. Generie and Mrs. Rubelyn ). I’ve been working there for almost 2 years now with their son. I have also a lot of friends in Europe mostly in Denmark and Norway who works as an aupair and they are the one also who encourages me to be one. I KNOW MOSTLY OF HOST FAMILIES ARE LOOKING FOR AUPAIR THAT IS ALREADY IN EUROPE BUT I AM OPEN FOR NEGOTIATIONS AND EVEN WILLING TO HELP IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE JUST TO CONVINCE MY FUTURE HOST FAMILY THAT I'M WORTHY OF CHANCE THOUGH I'M NOT STILL THERE IN EUROPE.

When it comes to my family, We are 12 in the family so basically we are a very big family. I have 9 siblings, 2 sisters and 7 brothers.I have 5 younger siblings and most them I was the one who really hands-on in taking care of them.Like taking them a bath, feeding, changing diapers and playing with them. Since I was also an older sibling, I was also who took charge most of the household work like cleaning, cooking, changing linens, washing the clothes etc. So technically, I know most of the household chores. My father’s work is a driver and my mother is housewife. Most of my siblings are still studying and planning to study.

As a daughter, I can described myself as diligent,reliable and respectful.I am very thoughtful and caring to my parents. I really do value my family, friendship and respect to other people no matter who they are. Infact, my family is my number one inspiration that is why I strive hard and persevere because of my desire to help them in my own unique way. If I see them happy, I'm happy too. I am kind-hearted and very simple person. Who is very light and easy to be with and a happy, positive person.Someone who smiles a lot and even laugh at the most random and simple things .That is why I am very fond of children and LOVE CHILDREN because they give a sense of energy and source happiness to the one who surrounds them. I am very independent because most of my decisions and the things that I’m doing as much as possible If can do it alone I want do it with by myself.

'' I've always believe that one should be good and do good to others'' cause whatever you sow, you will reap.I always inculcate on my mind to always treat right and nicely all the people who walks in your life, cause thats what you'll gonna earn in return.

As a sibling, I can say that I am very protective and loving. I want to help them achieve whatever goals/wish they have in life. I want to be part of their success and want to be there no matter what happens.

As an employee/ AUPAIR, I am very responsible, independent, and trustworthy. I am a multi-tasker and has initiative. I always try to be humble no matter what I achieve in my life and don’t let go it to my head. I am helpful to my colleagues and to my HOST. Because I have this pasion to care and help others especially those who desperately need it. I am a very inquisitive and likes to have a conversation with every people because I do believe that in that way you can able to express yourself, gain insights, make friends and most especially discover a lot of things from that person. My favorite hobby is watching movies,reading and sightseeing. I also enjoys listening to music and watching concerts ( If I have the money to buy tickets, hahaha ). I'm always fascinated by nature and I really love exploring the environment.I really love the outdoors especially swimming is my kind of sport. I like and I know also how to cook. Like our all-time favorite in the Philippines ‘’ ADOBO ‘’ consist of chicken and other spices. I know also how to cook vegetables, steak, spaghetti, pizza, chicken soup, chopsuey, pasta, menudo, caldreta and many others. One of my favorites also are cookies and cakes but the problem is I don’t know how to bake. But If I have the chance I am very willing to learn and master it. I am very also interested and willing to learn different cuisine from different county and I’m very sure If I will be able to become an AUPAIR I can attain that with the help of my future HOST FAMILY.

As Filipino, we are known to the whole world and we are very proud to say that we are a very resilient people. Despite of the calamity that we are in, we still manage to smile and bounce back from those unfortunate events. We are strong and happy people. We are positive, friendly and hospitable. We have close family ties. We are fund of basketball and have a lot of beautiful places to visit to . That is why ‘’ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES’’ ( hehehe).

The main reason why I want to work us an AUPAIR is first of all, I really LOVE CHILDREN ever. Because when I'm with them there is a undescribable feeling and happiness they give me. Also,I want to learn and experience the culture and language of my future HOST’s country. I am a kind of person who respects individuality and uniqueness of every person irregardless of his nationality and convections in life. Secondly, I want also to help my family especially my siblings for them to be able to go to school in college. And I want to grow as a person and be able to experience the diversity of the country of my future HOST.

So, here you go. I hope that the infos I've shared give you a glimpse about me, my family,my work and my culture. I even uploaded some photos of me, my family, friends and my workplace for you to know a bit of who I am as a daughter, friend and employee and to prove that I am interested in this job. I am very willing to send my CV and other documents if you wish to. I am also very excited to talk to you through my mobile phone, email address and skype and I can assure you can receive a feedback from me the soonest possible time. I can assure you that I am willing to pay for my expenses here and all of my Documents/ papers are already ready so anytime I can start my work as AUPAIR.

I am open and looking forward to hear from any interested Host family.

Truly Yours,

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