Au-pair, 2000 City of San Fernando, Philippinen
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My name is Esther Ruth C. Sanchez. My family members call me Queen, Pepe, Pepsi, Pepsquad and so much more. My friends call me Pe . But you know what, I would love to called Esther once I become a part of your beautiful family as your Au Pair.

With all honesty, I do not know where to start on this one. My hands are trembling, my mind is overflowing with thoughts and my heart is overjoyed as I share to you a glimpse of who I am.

I am the 7th out of 8 beautiful children from our loving parents, Homer and Angelie. I grew up in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. Where I come from, we are famous for being the best cooks, at least my mother is haha! San Fernando is also the Christmas capital of the Philippines. Thus, please expect the yuletide season as early as September if you choose me as your Au Pair. (We Filipinos are the only people in the world that celebrate Christmas as early as September.) We are simply joyous and hopeful in life. ❤️

If I may, I will share more about my family and friends. I believe that these 2 sets of people in my life will speak so much about who I am as a person. Both of my parents are now retired- mama was a teacher for grade school students in a public school and papa was a computer programmer for a non-profit organization called World Vision. Both of them are my inspiration but each of them have contributed specific learnings and values as I grew up. As I witnessed my mother’s endless sacrifice to us 8, I have learned the definition of unconditional love- where love has no boundaries. I guess that gave me this aura to small kids that I am somehow motherly that is why kids never fail to like me in return. I am only 21 but I am already a godmother to 9 kids. (Do not be surprised because it’s a thing here in the Philippines to appoint a lot of godfathers and godmothers.) On the other hand, my father never failed to remind us about the importance of seeking God’s kingdom first before anything else which brings me to the fact that yes, it is very important to always ask ourselves first— what would Jesus have done if He were in the situation. If we all answer that the right way, I am certain that conflicts will be way lesser in this world and that people will be way kinder and more forgiving.

In regard to my siblings, they have contributed so much too specially the boys- annoyance. Haha! I am just kidding. In a very big family like ours, misunderstandings are normal but my siblings and I always make it to a certain point where each of us will compromise, if not, understanding and acceptance will be extended to whoever needs it more. My brothers are my inspiration in hardwork, dedication and music. Hardwork from my eldest brother who left the Philippines at the age of 20 to support us financially; dedication from my brother who breeds dogs which made me a big time dog lover; music from twin brothers which made me good in singing and in playing the guitar.

Whenever I am at home, I am with my friends who I also consider my extended family. We love to hang out and enjoy long rides. After all, I am the only one drives a manual car anyways so I guess I do not have a choice?

Lastly, culturally wise, I was blessed to travel to Qatar with my whole family because of my eldest brother. That trip opened my eyes to the world of diversity and culture and I cannot wait to experience the Danish culture very soon. My older sister who married a Danish already told us stories about the warmth and love that she experiences in Denmark with her husband. My entire family is actually excited to visit Denmark too hopefully soon.

Given a chance that I will be your Au Pair, I hope I can share to your family the love, kindness, service and of course fun that my family and friends have instilled in me. It is my time to extend it to your family. ❤️
4.450 - 5.000 DKK pro monat
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