Au-pair, 9500 General Santos City, Philippinen
25 Jahre alt weiblich
Philippinisch nationalität
Lebt in 9500  General Santos City, Philippinen
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
5 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Montag 21. Aug 2017
Sonntag 28. Mai 2017
Dear Family,

Hello, Good day to you and the family.

I am Giesa, 22 years old and from the Philippines. I am looking for a family in Denmark who would welcome me to be their Aupair. I am kind, honest, happy, loyal and fun to be with. I am also friendly, dependable, positive and open minded. I am sociable, I can easily make friends. I make people/visitors feel welcome, I listen to them attentively. I have a welcoming warm smile.

I love doing the general house works inside the house, help in cooking and taking care of the kids.

I have gained 14 years education, finished my Degree in Business Administration, Major in Financial Management last March 2016. I have undergone my on-the-job training in one Cooperative Bank for 200 hours. Presently, I am working as a Contractual Staff of one Insurance Agency.

If you are looking for a person who is capable to do the general works inside the house, then I can very well suit your family. I am very capable to do the housecleaning, keeping the house clean and tidy, dusting, changing linens , laundry, folding and ironing clothes, helping with grocery shopping, preparing breakfast, lunchboxes, snacks and dinner. At home, I always prepare and cook dinner. I love to cook meat, chicken and fish menus, and also some pasta and salads. At home we usually grill, steam, stew or have sautéd meat.

Talking about housekeeping, my mother taught me responsibilities when I was 6 or 7 years old that time together with my other siblings. She trained me well of how to do regular house chores. I could not forget those experiences of washing dishes, washing clothes, caring for the garden, making me help prepare meals and tidying the house. As I grow, she taught me more responsibilities. I have to prepare breakfast, tidy the house before I go to school. In the evening I have to cook dinner and wash plates after. In the weekends, I wash clothes and fold it after.

I love children, I have taken care of two kids and like their second mom. When their parents are busy, I always volunteer to take care of them. They are very close to me and I love being with them. It is really a joy having them around, it refreshes me and releases my stress. We play hide and seek or whatever they want to play. I teach them alphabet and we sing rhymes. I prepare their lunch and let them eat on their own so they will learn. At night I feed them, then help them bath, teach them brush their teeth and then put them to sleep. As a treat I bring them a chocolate and it warms my heart to see them smile. They even called me “Aunt Chocolate”. I miss them so much.

I love to play Volleyball and badminton and also go to nature trips and swimming. It would be nice to experience life in Denmark and explore your beautiful country.

I want to become an Aupair to experience your country, culture and language. I have heard about your beautiful country and it interests me so much. It wish so much to travel and become independent and explore another country. My other interests is playing Badminton and basketball. I love travelling and seeing new things and I love to cook. I also can drive either Automatic or Manual, with Driver’s Licence. I will be ready to convert it to International Driver’s Licence when needed. I am also willing to take care of pets.

I hope you would be interested to consider me as your Aupair. I look forward to talking with you soon. Thank you for reading my letter

Your Aupair,


1.050 - 1.050 DKK pro woche
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