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Hi, family.

I am Johanna Jasmin Solis. My friends calls me 'JASMIN' but my family calls me 'LOVE-LOVE'. I am a jolly, outgoing, but very responsible 24yo girl currently residing in Cebu, Philippines. I am a registered NURSE with work experiences.

I am a JOLLY, WARM, FRIENDLY, and POSITIVE person. But I am also very SERIOUS WITH RESPONSIBILITIES, expecially to my own family. When our loving mother left to worked abroad in 1999, I was only 9 years old, and all us was deeply affected, not fully understanding why our mother should leave us to work abroad. We don't have a permanent home since we have to uproot our family 3 times since she left. It was difficult, especially to our youngest who develop a mental illness. But this same experience also help me grow to become mature and responsible.

When I'm at home, I ALSO COOK. At home, I’m the one deciding what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can cook usual Filipino dishes and party foods like spaghetti and pasta and others. I can easily manage and maintain the house. I can work not so fast or slow but thorough.I’m flexible depending on the demand of tasks to do.

My parents considers me as the most MATURE and RESPONSBLE among their 4 daughters. Even way back when I started college, I was assigned by my mother to handle the family finances that she sent us knowing that I would be very careful in budgeting and spending. Unlike my older sisters, I know how to PRIORITIZE the needs from the wants, and I pay close attention to details.

I am also the one responsible for looking after our youngest sister April who is mentally ill. I am basically acting as April's parent, guardian, adviser, and loving, understanding friend. She is very close to me and opens up her problems to me. I am glad that I can help her live a normal life, and she is even a engineering student already in 3rd year. I just have to be there always to remind her to take her medicines and provide a stress-free environment.

In the hospital, I was assigned mainly in the PEDIATRIC section. I enjoyed my pediatric ward experience. The hospital was very big with about 1200-bed capacity, the largest public hospital in the southern Philippines. I have lots of young patients. I was able to take care of children from newborn to near-adolescent, from a simple cough and cold patients to a critically, cancer patients. It was a life-changing experience. I learned a lot that taking care of a sick child should take more patience, extra care, be more cautious... because they are very fragile, sensitive, and afraid.

I wont forget my patient whose suffering from cancer, he is 9yrs old, though he was sick he keeps on smiling as if he's not suffering from a critical illness. And he is very fond of me too. He said I should visit him always after he is transferred in the oncology department so that he'll see me more always. I just said I can't because my supervisors make the decision. It was just heart breaking to see young cancer patients like this boy because their suffering more pain than other patients. Still this boy can afford to have a happy attitude. I learned so much from him. I can't help but cry when he passed away.

Right now, aside from looking after April, I also help my sisters in taking care of their kids, especially when they are very busy or has to go to other places. I have 2 nephews and 1 niece. Cody is 7 y.o. and son of my sister May. Chiara is 2 y.o and baby Kenzo is 5months old, children of my sister Shiela. I have experienced taking care of them, from taking a bath, changing diapers, feeding, putting them to sleep and playing with them. I am very capable with childrean and I am really fond of them, especially babies, I find them so cute and angelic, so fragile that you have to take good care of them more carefully.

Right now I want to be an aupair because my mother suggested it to me after she met previous aupairs who came from Norway and Denmark and Sweden. The aupair program seems a very nice cultural adventure. I now decided I should try to be an aupair and see more of the modern world. I think being an aupair can be an amazing, life-changing experience for me.

I have no experiences going abroad but I’m very much willing and dedicated to learn the language and understand the European culture. After completing the Au Pair program I would like to resume my career as a nurse, either in my own country or in other places, whichever door is opened to me.

I am the 3RD CHILD among 4 daughters. My older sister May (29 y.o.) is a single parent with a 7-year old son. My older sister Shiela (28 y.o.) is married with 2 kids. Our youngest is April (21 y.o.) who is an engineering student in college. Our parents are now living and working in Italy. My mother went there in 2004; she also worked in Israel as a caregiver before going to Italy. My father followed her in 2012.

Thank you so much for reading about me. I hope you have come to know me a little bit. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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