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Hello family,

My name is Kimberlyn and I’m 20 years old and a college graduate in International Studies. I live in the beautiful city of Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines. I come from a family of 5; my parents, Abednigo and Emily, are both working as government employees in the city. I have an older Kim, 27 years old, and a younger brother, Keith, who is 9 years old.

I like to describe myself as an friendly, approachable individual who likes to converse with other people and meet new friends. People can talk to me without any hesitation because I'm very easy to relate to. If there is one thing my family and friends always tells me is that I'm a very funny person. I love making people laugh. And I am very a soft-hearted person. I can easily like people even when I just met them. I can talk with my friends for a long time without getting bored because I can really be a talker at times.

As an aspiring aupair I have sufficient child-care experiences, I have both looked after children in both informal and formal manner. I have experienced taking care of a child when my mother gave birth to our youngest brother Keith with whome we have 11 years age difference. As he was growing up, I was the one who looked after him when both of my parents are at work. Looking after my brother had given us the opportunity to bond more and I am very proud to say that I am very close with my brother.

When I was in college, I was also a member of volunteer’s group that was formed to helped unfortunate children (ages 6 to 10 years old) attending a learning center who had very limited learning materials and that sometimes cancel their classes because their teacher is not around. We visit frequently to the center to give the kids entertainment while they learning. Prior to our arrival to the center, my co-group members and I always prepares presentations and activities that the kids will enjoy. We read them children’s stories, play games with them, and we also engage them in kid’s role playing with of course the aid of the members. Also, together with a classmate in college, I volunteered to help out to our teacher in helping her to conduct her study among kindergarten pupils. It was part of her research to make physical activities for the kids and study how they respond to the given task. As we volunteered to assist her in handling the kids, we played with the children and organized them whenever there was an activity the teacher tells them to do. It lasted for several months and it was a very fun experience.

With tasks related to housekeeping, I can say that I can be of great help too. Since I am the only daughter at home, I do a lot of household chores. I enjoy keeping the house neat and tidy. Daily I clean the house, wash the dishes, and doing the laundry.

I am a good cook and I can help in the kitchen as well. At our home I cook the usual rice and viand combination a several times every week. Our family eat dinner early so we can have more hours in the night. I can offer assistance in preparing the meal of the family. I can cook at some nights too so you can taste the delicious foods the Filipino cuisine can offer.

I can also drive a car and I really enjoy when I drive and I am very capable and confident already. If given the chance to drive abroad, I’m more than willing to drive outside the country.

I just graduated last April from a Japanese school here in southern Philippines. My degree is in International Studies with major in Japanese Language and Studies. I took up this course because I like studying other cultures, and I grew up enjoying Japanese cartoons on TV as a young child, so I somehow pursued this cultural passion. I can easily speak both Japanese and English. I hope to learn European languages as well.

In the future, I plan to to pursue a Master's degree. But at the moment, I would like to try a new direction and new experience by becoming an aupair in Europe for 2 years. I am very excited at the idea of enjoying the daily life in Europe. I will also be able to see new amazing places and meet new amazing people. I believe this adventure will certainly bring a huge amount of enrichment to my education and to my personality improvement as well.

When it comes to leisure, I take pleasure in even the simplest things in life. I grew up enjoying a very clean and green environment. I enjoy being outdoors, being with friends, visiting and discovering new places, going for walks, and reading a good book while drinking iced cold coffee. I also enjoy being at the beach and swimming with my family and friends. I am a very capable swimmer since I grew up in an island city.

I also find photography and foreign languages very interesting. I am not a very sporty person but I really love playing badminton and I’ m fairly good at it too. Right after my brother got home from school, we always play badminton along with the other kids in the neighborhood.

I think you know a little bit about me now. I cannot mention everything in this letter but I look forward to the chance of telling you more and that I can get to know you too. I’ m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
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