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I am Marilourdes Serenio, a 27yo licensed nurse, aspiring as aupair in Denmark. My family and friends call me "Malou". I am currently working as a nurse in a government hospital.

As a person, I am a loving, caring, and one who is dedicated to family and work. Caring and loving a person makes me happy that’s why I took up Nursing because for me it gives more foundation the value of life and how to care patients especially the newborn child.

I grew up in a simple, loving, closely-knitted, and hard-working family. Both my parents work in a same public school; my father is a guard and my mother is the cashier. I have an older brother, a seaman, who is married and with one daughter. I have a younger sister who works in the bank.

I graduated from the university last 2007 with a degree in Nursing. In current work, my specific role is as a nurse phlebotomist. I extract blood from in patients and out patients for laboratory examinations, like for CBC (complete blood count), for blood chemistry like for Fasting Blood sugar, creatinine and many others. I am responsible for the accurate results for the said examinations because I’m the first line who gets the said specimens.

My work is specialized. My supervisors recognizes my superior attention to details compared to other nurses, and this is why I got this work assignment. But to be honest, I would have preferred to work in a more caring setting, like a nurse in the pediatric section so that I can take care of new born kids.

I also have previous work as volunteer nurse in the rural areas in a program from the Department of Health. In this program, I render health services to the people in need especially in rural areas. I worked as a nurse in the ward caring for the people in sick until they got well. I also rendered services to the people by conducting health education, assist during prenatal visits for pregnant women, I did also vaccines for the newborn and pregnant women too and I assist in some other consultations on what they need.

As an aupair, I think I am qualified to become a very good one since I have the experiences and the heart to be an aupair.

I have ample child-caring experience. In the past, I also cared for three of my younger cousins since they were about 2 years old until preschoolers. These kids live close to our home. At that time, I just graduated from the university and was waiting for my licensure exam, so I was the one to help take care of them when they are left at our house almost daily. I will be the one to prepare their foods for snacks, I will prepare their clothes and have them to school and after I’d fetched them riding on my motorcycle. In this instances, I can say that we’re so close that we treated each member as a brother that until now our parents considered the kids as their children. Now seeing them growing so fast they can still go to our house and I even visited them at their house. I have them usually weekends at home, I even make or buy some foods to eat, I will help them with make their assignments, we laughed together and even they able to helped me in some basic housekeeping.

I can confidently take care of newborn babies. Presently, I also help take care of our baby Martina Marie, the daughter of my older brother; she is over one year now and she lives with us together with her mother. I made most of my vacant time cuddling with her. After work, even though I’m still tired, I’l take a bath just to cuddle our baby. I bought some toys, dress, sandals, learned even foods for her learning materials and foods for her because she loves eating in her younger age. I’d able her to watch some educational scenery, I’ll sing with her and she goes on with me, I often fed her, take her a bath and I’m making sure that our baby is clean and safe every time I’m the one who cuddled her.

I can cook usual Filipino dishes in our home if my parents were not around. Although I don’t know some of the European foods, as I’ve said I’m willing to learn their lifestyles and culture. I can prepare my host family with their meals but at first they should orient me what to do and what to cook because I’m willing to learn all of their styles. Yes, I can their house rest assured im fast on it since im used of cleaning our house. Cooking, washing clothes using the washing machine, use of a vacuum cleaner, and a dishwasher are not of my master. But I know I can do all of those while living with my host family and im really willing to learn and do it.

I love to play volleyball and it’s my sports. I can dance but not to the extent, I am a computer literate on basic only to be honest. I love travelling, especillay during vacations and holidays with my friends and colleagues.
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