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Hello family,

I am Jasmin, 28years old, single Filipina aspiring as aupair. I have excellent childcaring experience. I have 19 nephews/nieces from my 7 older siblings and I have plenty of child-caring experiences with them. I believe this alone is one big reason why I can be a great aupair.

I am a mature, responsible, and family-oriented woman. My close friends like me because I have a humble, relaxed yet steady demeanor.

At heart, I am just a simple girl. I am a home-body who likes to spend my time with my family, especially to my parents who are the most important persons in my life. As for hobbies, I love singing and taking care or walking our pet dog. I love doing some practical skills like sewing, gardening, pottery and flower arranging. I also watching movies at home and chatting with close friends in Facebook. To give myself some space, sometimes I travel alone to nearby cities and see their new, big malls as well as tourist sites.


I have an almost 1 year aupair experience here in Philippines, taking care of a litte girl,feeding her, bathing her cooking for her meals and preparing her luncbox. When she is at school, I clen the house, do the grocery shopping and when she returns from school, I assist her in her homework.


For 8 years, I have taken care of the 2 children of my eldest brother Joven; they are now 10 and 8 years old. Since they were small, I have taken care of them when their parents go to work. (Their family live in a house beside our parent's house). We do many things like play together or bring them to the park or watch cartoon shows or teach them to read, count and sing. Just this year, I have also taken care of my baby nephew Lance.

All my older siblings now have children of their own. In all, I have about 19 or 20 nieces and nephews. I am a loving and caring aunt to them, almost like a second mother to many of them, who live nearby. I have very strong motherly instincts, very protective, and I want to spoil them everytime with hugs and kisses and gifts.


As an aupair, I have the domestic skills to keep the house and cook. I love to cook and I am also willing and able to regularly cook for the whole family, if you want me to. I love to cook pasta, fried fish/chicken, and other Filipino dishes like pork menudo, steak, egg with liver, chicken or pork adobo, sauteed meat/vegetables with sauce, stew and casseroles, etc. As of the present, I don't know how to cook European food yet but im very willing to learn. I am comfortable being left alone at the kitchen and prepare meals.

I can easily take care of the house. I can thoroughly keep the house neat and tidy. I can easily do the dishes, vacuuming, ironing and do the laundry.

As for my education background, I finished a course in Practical Nursing. I took this course so I can better take care of my parents who are already old and retired from work. During my study, I have accumulated around of 800 hours of training from hospitals, home for the elderly, and orphanage. I try to care as best as I can for the patients where I was assigned. The patients are mostly lonely and poor and abandoned. I feel compassion for them because they haves no immediately family to support and care for them.

After I graduate, I was also hoping to become a full-pledge nurse, but since there was a sudden surplus of unemployed nursing graduates at that time, I was discouraged to pursue it any further. Presently, I work in a vehicle emission test center as an office staff/cashier. I go to work from 8am to 5pm. My parents owns the lot area of the test center, so it was like a parntership business. Work time is actually flexible. If theren't many costumers, I can leave the office for half an hour to check on my nephew Lance at home.

I wanted to become an Au Pair because of my desire to travel the world, experience new culture, learn different languages, see new places and meet new friends. I still have no experience travelling abroad so being an aupair would be a great opportunity. After I finish my aupair contract I will go back home and share to my families that I experience the stage of my life with other foreign family.

I grew up in a very big family. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters and I am the youngest. My father is Pedro and my mother is Merlinda; both my parents are already retired from work. I am still living with my parents since it is practical, being single without any children of my own.

I considered myself very blessed because my childhood memories is full of love from my parents, siblings and my cousins because I’m the youngest among our big family. My happy background has shaped me to be very family-oriented.

Thank you very much for reading.

Yours sincerely,
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