Au-pair, Philippinen
31 Jahre alt weiblich
Philippinisch nationalität
Lebt in Philippinen
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
3 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Sonntag 09. Okt 2016
Freitag 12. Aug 2016
Hi, family,

Good day to you! I hope you are all well! My name is Mary Jean, a Filipina who is experienced as a Domestic Helper in Doha, Qatar.

I would like to apply as an aupair to help your family in terms of child care, housekeeping and cooking. I am well trained to those areas given also that I have a very good practical experience.

I want to be an aupair because I want to explore another environment, meet new people and learn another culture. My friend is an aupair in Denmark before and she is now in Norway and she told me about how wonderful is the European culture.

I finished Information Technology and also I have a Formal training in Caregiving.

In my formal Caregiving the training includes:

- Housekeeping such as maintaining healthy and safe environment, cleaning living room, dining room, bedroom, toilet and bathroom. We were also trained practically in washing clothes, ironing clothes, linens and fabrics.

- Preparing Hot and Cold meals
- Apply first Aid, respond to emergency
- Provide care and support to Infants, toddlers and children. Foster social, intellectual, creative and emotional development of the children and also the physical development.
- We are also taught to respond effectively to difficult/challenging behavior of a child or a person.


My family and friends would describe me as an independent, dependable, hardworking, trustworthy, sweet and loving person. I love to discover new things and places.

In terms of work, I see to it that I did my job very well. I cannot rest unless I know that everything is done and in place. I have a good relationship with current employer, they treat me as part of the family
You can depend on me when it comes to taking care of your house, preparing food and take care of your children. I like to explore new things and places.

Education: I studied Caregiving course. In this course, I was trained to clean living room, dining room, bedrooms, toilet and bathrooms. Wash and iron clothes, linens and fabric. Prepare hot and cold meals, provide care and support for Infants/toddlers, provide care and support to children and First Aid training.

Work Experiences:

I workied as an in – house Caregiver, massage therapist to an elderly person with diabetes named Darwish. My job is to monitor his blood pressure, prepare medicine, cleaning his house more particularly his bedroom, prepare food and give him food. My cleaning includes bed making, cleaning of the bathroom, arrange furniture, fold clothes and arrange cabinets.

I am here since March 2014 and my contract will end on July 2016.

Aside from taking care of Darwish, I have also taken care of his grandson Abuda for straight 1 months last Aug.2015. When Abuda visits us, I am in charge of taking care of him. I play with him, give him food and do some educational activities like building blocks, some reading and watching movies.

I have child-care experience. When I’m in 4th grade in elementary I have my youngest sister and she was still a baby that time. Whenever I don’t have class, I spend my time in our house only and helping my mother in taking care of my siblings especially the youngest. Most of the time I was the one who prepare milk for my sister, changing diapers, make her sleep at such a young age. So my youngest sister was very attached to me.

The same happened when I was still a freshman in college I have my aunt and they were living with us and they had a son, so I happened to take care of my little cousin also. When I’m with them we played, watch TV, we sleep together. When they started to go to school I used to teach them also. I am very fond of children even now in my current work, my employer have their grandchildren and from time to time they asked me if I can watch the children for them.

Dear Family, I really wish to be of help to you and care for your household and the same time learn your culture and language. I hope you will give time to get to know me better.

I am available for skype anytime. Have a great day!

Mary Jean
1.050 - 1.050 DKK pro woche
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Kürzester Zeitraum, in dem das Kindermädchen benötigt wird
18 monat(e)
Längste Zeit in der das Kindermädchen erforderlich ist
24 monat(e)
Kümmert sich um Kinder unter 2 Jahren
Kümmert sich um Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen
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