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Good Day Host Family,
I am Michelle Dilan from the Philippines. I am 26 years old and I took up 2 years of Computer Programming at Datamex Computer College and I'm an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at De La Salle Araneta University. I also studied Japanese Basic 1 and already got my certificate of completion.
My working experiences here in the Philippines are Sales Assistant for a year in a mini Apparel shop, a Service Crew at a Fast Food Restaurant and another Sales Assistant in a Clothing store for 3 months I haven't finished my contract at a clothing store because I resigned for personal reason. I haven't got a work since last year because I study Japanese and I was the one who do chores in our house since my mom is getting older and my dad is about to retire. My brother is the one who help us out for financial last year til this day but this time I want to help out. I'm not young anymore so I have to decide my future and step out. And I think working as an Au Pair would help me out what I really want for myself.
As for my experience in children, I would say I don't have much but I do love to play with them. All my friends have a kids already and whenever they go to my house I played with them for I am also their Godparent. My godchilds are very playful and loves to play Hide and Seek and loves to run around, so for me as their godparent i have to be patience and patience is not a problem for me, I have a lot of that. So, I can say that I can take care of your children. I will do my best to take good care of them.
And also, if you have pets or do you want me to take care of your pets instead, like Dogs and Cats, I don't have any problem with it, for I am a pet lover. I have 5 dogs and a cat. I am the one who took care of my family's dogs, I was the one who raised them ever since they're still a puppy, I took them to a vet and I even sacrifice my sleep if my dogs got sick because I feel restless and I got so worried and I can't sleep until I know that they are already fine. Animals are my weakness especially Dogs. My heart broke whenever I see dogs on the streets that is so thin, hungry and got some bruises and wounds. It breaks my heart.
Anyways, more from myself.
I am a quiet and shy type person but once I get comfortable with someone or some people I can be as playful as you can imagine. I'm a kid at heart.
To be honest I really want to go to Japan but it's so hard to find a job there especially if you're not living there and I don't have enough money to go there.
And Europe is one of my favorite country that I want to visit, whenever I watched some documentaries etc about Europe I fell in love. It is a good place and people are so nice and kind.
And as for my working experiences here in Philippines, I can say that I don't have enough working experiences, but I can do house chores and about cooking I'm not good at it but I will do my best to learn how to cook. But I do fried rice, let's say it's my specialty. And also, I'm afraid of spiders so that will be one of my most weakness.
Anyways, I want to find more about myself and I think living with other family in different country would really help me what I really wanted for myself. And I really want to boost my confidence facing different people.
I admit I lacked of being a hard worker person but as my family's well is concern I will work hard to help my family. My family is my strength and my inspiration so I will endure everything and will do my best for them.
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