Au-pair, Dänemark
28 Jahre alt weiblich
Philippinisch nationalität
Lebt in Dänemark
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
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Freitag 13. Jan 2017
Mittwoch 30. Mrz 2016

Hej, My name is Windyrain and I am looking for a new host family here in Denmark. Unfortunately, tonight I got a bad news from my family that they
are getting a divorce. I have never thought about this as they are very sweet and loving family. I can`t help to be emotional when my host dad told me about it an hour ago. I am worried about the kids and about me because I have to move out soon and be with another family to experience more of life and culture here in Denmark.

So, I am hoping to find a sweet and supportive family here just like my family. They never had a problem with me and because of them I have learned cooking which my host dad and mom loves it and always say I am a star in cooking. I made the kids eat vegetables and i am quite creative in the kitchen.

For cleaning, It is for me the best skills I ever had that a woman should have. I am very meticulous in cleaning and which is really my focus at home because the kids are mostly on their own. My host mom never ever told me to do this and that because i always make sure that I make the house neat and tidy. This is the thing that i like them too because they are not bossy and is treated me like their family.

I make dinner for my family on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays after dinner I sometimes make time playing with the 5 year old little girl who is so sweet to me and I will really miss her ( this really makes me teared up because I never imagine that I will leave this family and this house soon ) and the saddest thing for me is leaving the family and they are broken. I love them like a family for me and the kids too :( So i guess, everything happens really for a reason and I hope just to find a sweet family like them.

When it comes to kids I treat them like my own and I have the heart for kids. It is just that their cuteness and smile makes me feel happy even if I am tired. My kids here with my host family are 2 boys which I sometimes to play with them with nerf guns because I like to be close with them and be friends with them. I play with the boys table tennis and sometimes badminton. With my little girl who is like my princess to me is very special and close to me. ( This really makes me teared up ) I will surely miss her smile and miss her knocking on my door to ask if we can play. I love kids so much and I am hoping to find a loving and nice family same as my family here. I just want fair treatment and be treated with respect because I am responsible enough with my duties and to our agreement so as much as possible i make my work neat and clean. So, yeah that`s it for now. Also, weekend off is important for me but sometimes once in a blue moon i babysit the kids once or twice during the christmas season last month.

If you are concern of my language, I speak fluent English and lidt dansk :)


i love cooking healthy foods for my family as I am now health conscious and i like to be creative with vegetable meals.

4.050 - 6.000 DKK pro monat
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Nationalität Familie
Frühester Starttermin
Spätmöglichstes Startdatum
Kürzester Zeitraum, in dem das Kindermädchen benötigt wird
10 monat(e)
Längste Zeit in der das Kindermädchen erforderlich ist
24 monat(e)
St. Helena, Ascension und Tristan da Cunha
Kümmert sich um Kinder unter 2 Jahren
Kümmert sich um Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen
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